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Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Beat Sandayu Oda Guide

Check out this guide to learn how you can manage to defeat Sandayu Oda in Cyberpunk 2077. Discover Sandayu Oda’s skills, abilities, and item drops when facing this Cyberpunk 2077 boss.

One of the bosses that players will be fighting as they progress in Cyberpunk 2077 is Sandayu Oda. The fight against this Cyberpunk 2077 boss will automatically start after pulling the cable out of Arasaka Netrunner in the mission called Play It Safe. If you’re having a problem facing this boss, below is the strategy guide that will help you defeat him.

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How to Defeat Sandayu Oda in Cyberpunk 2077

Unlike the other bosses in the game, Sandayu Oda is the most versatile enemy carrying with deadly movesets. Sandayu is wielding two weapons on his both hands.

When fighting this boss, it is highly recommended to stay away from him. Since he’s moving really fast, make sure that you’re also fast enough to dodge his attacks. While you have a chance, make sure that you continuously attack him with your revolver.

Being a versatile melee weapon user, one of the best weapons that you can use against Sandayu is your revolver. Doing headshots with your weapon is the fastest way to deplete his HP.

Another weapon that can be useful is shotguns, however, since the reloading time of shotgun is way slower than a revolver, you’re missing a lot of time to attack him. Fully automatic weapons will also work against him but only use this if you’re shooting skills is good as you might eventually run out of ammo.

Before starting the mission, it is highly recommended that you equip weapons with different ammo types such as a revolver, fully automatic weapon, and a sniper rifle. With this, you know that you still have enough ammo if the other weapon runs out of ammo.

Strategy Against Sandayu Oda

Oda’s attacks are deadly and you don’t want to get pushed into a corner. One of his attack that will deal a lot of damage is when he’s jumping in the air. Make sure that you dodge this attack to avoid any damage.

Sandayu Oda has a pattern of attack and that’s what you should take as an advantage. At first, he will be furiously attacking you without any rest, then he will start alternating between his melee and homing bullet attacks. Once he uses homing bullets, run into a safe place. He will be jumping into the higher location to get a better sight of your location. After this, he will take a short break and that’s the perfect time to attack him.

As I mentioned above, you should have at least sniper rifle, While he’s still on top, use your sniper rifle and shoot him on the head. Him being on the top give you a better chance of hitting.

Once Sandayu’s health reached another critical level, he will start using his stealth cloak and disappear. You won’t be able to see him on the map but you will see his health regenerating. Don’t let him do the regeneration, so you’ll have to find him around the map. He’s usually hiding from one of the construction huts and you’ll the blue outline of his stealth cloak. Just shoot when you find him to stop his regeneration.

Sandayu will be more aggressive once his health becomes really low. Just run and spam your health recovery item to yourself while attacking him if you have a chance.

Sandayu Oda Item Drops

These are the item drops that you might be getting for fighting Sandayu Oda in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Jinchu-Mari (Katana)
  • Arasaka Polycarbonate-Lacde Bulletproof Aramid Vest (Outer Torso)
  • Kogana No Yume Titanium BD Wreath (Face Armor)
  • Heat-Resistant Military Boots (Feet)

That’s everything you need to know about Sandayu Oda in Cyberpunk 2077. Interested who will be your next boss fight? Then make sure to check our Cyberpunk 2077 boss guide.


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