Empire of Sin – Different Types of Stashes and Locations Guide

Check out this guide to learn the different types of stashes in Empire of Sin. Discover the loots and where to find stashes in the game.

Just like any other video games, Empire of Sin also comes with loot boxes. In this case, the game is calling them stashes. If you’re a new player who is still unaware of these details, this guide will surely help you.

What Are Stashes in Empire of Sin?

In Empire of Sin, stashes are boxes where you can find loots. They are usually labelled and marked as Big Jim’s Stash. In some cases, these stashes can be found labelled with Dillinger’s Drop.

Where to Find Stashes?

These stashes can be found all over the map of the Empire of Sin. Usually, they are appearing in every area of the neighbourhood. It is highly recommended that you explore the map as soon as possible.

Another source of stashes can be collected from AI factions. Make sure that you check the notifications to see if you have free stashes.

Last but not least are the stashes can be found near the enemies. Usually, the enemies are guarding them and you may encounter them while exploring the map. You can also open the map and find the dots as these dots are the markers for the stashes.

Empire of Sin

Two Types of Stashes in Empire of Sin

As of the moment, you can only find two types of stashes. These are the standard/regular stash and the Legendary Stash.

Standard Stash

There are multiple types of standard stash but the most popular one is labelled as Big Jim’s Stash. Opening the Big Jim’s Stash will reward you with some valuable items such as armor, weapons, explosives, and more.

Empire of Sin Stash

As I mentioned above, the standard stashes come with multiple types and they are categorized by the box color. For example, the blue stash usually gives blue items while the purple stash rewards you with purple items.

Legendary Stash

The legendary stash is the most valued stash in the game as they give you lots of special items. If you found a yellow, gold, or orange-colored box, that’s the sign that you found a legendary stash.

Empire of Sin

One of the well-known legendary stashes in Empire of Sin is labelled with Dillinger’s Drop which will give you a chance to get up to $50,000 money, up to 250 reputation bonus with the police, and more. If the luck is on your side, you can even have a chance to hire any gangster.


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