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By Tainmar


MannaRites – Adventure Mode Guide

Description of Adventure Mode features and tips for playthrough. Plot Gawn’s Siege is stopped and

By Baron of Yoga


DOOM Eternal – Khan Maykr Fighting Tips and Guide

This guide is all about fighting the Khan Maykr and some good ways you can

By Lakmir


FINAL FANTASY IV – Goblin, Cockatrice, Mind Flayer, and Pink Tail Farming Guide

Farming rare drops is a chore. Make it less of a problem by easily obtaining

By tallkn


Life is Strange: True Colors – All Choices, Consequences, and Ending Guide

Here are all of the Life is Strange: True Colors endings and options. Spoilers are

By Phoenix26160


Europa Universalis IV – Azur semé de lis or Achievement Guide

In this guide I describe to you how to obtain the achievement “Azur de semé

By Eugene


Red Algorithm – Kill Streak Mechanic Guide

In this guide, you will learn everything about the Kill Streak mechanic in Red Algorithm.

By xAlphaStarOmegax


Sun Haven – Basic Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the basic tips and tricks that you should know in Sun

By AYATerina


As Far As The Eye – In-Depth Guide to Surviving The Journey

Here are some of the tips and strategies that you can use to survive in

By Artificer Creator


Nihariely’s Spatial Adventure – Beginner’s Manual Guide

This is a guide for the game without telling many spoilers to the story but

By Ket


Nearly Dead – Early Access Tips and Workarounds

A selection of tips and workarounds for people interested in exploring the early access game.


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