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By Button Eyes


Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Unfriendly Skies Achievement Guide

This guide will show you the easiest location to shoot a jumping enemy, 30 times

By Durjaneeya


Neo Cab – Emotional Victory Achievement Guide

This guide will be showing you how to get the Emotional Victory achievement in Neo

By Brian Haynes


How to Fix Grime No Sound and Audio Issue

Grime has been officially released on the PC, but it seems that many players have

By No Dude


The Isle – Beginner’s Pteranodon Guide

Many guides seem to expect you to know how to pull tricks off the first

By Gevurah


HighFleet – How to Properly Intercept Enemies

A simple guide to reliably catching enemy ships as they move from city to city.

By Dysthymia


Shapik: The Moon Quest – All Collectibles Location Guide

Shapik: The Moon Quest features nine collectibles, each of which unlocks a concept artwork of the

By Brian Haynes


Grime PC Crashing, Stuttering, Not Responding, and Black Screen Fix

The long-awaited video game Grime, developed by Clover Bite, has been officially released. However, according

By Flerovium


Space of Darkness Achievement Guide

100% achievement for Space of Darkness, a video game developed and published by PilotLumpa Gaming.

By Greatijedi


The Forgotten City – Efficient Ending Guide

A Guide for getting each ending as efficiently as possible. Spoiler-free through the use of

By MeiMeiSlays


Draft of Darkness – Beginner’s Guide and Tips

A basic guide on some of the basic components of Draft of Darkness, along with


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