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By Flerovium


Space of Darkness Achievement Guide

100% achievement for Space of Darkness, a video game developed and published by PilotLumpa Gaming.

By Greatijedi


The Forgotten City – Efficient Ending Guide

A Guide for getting each ending as efficiently as possible. Spoiler-free through the use of

By MeiMeiSlays


Draft of Darkness – Beginner’s Guide and Tips

A basic guide on some of the basic components of Draft of Darkness, along with

By Trashes


Dungeons & Geese – All Endings Guide

Here’s how you can get all endings in the Dungeons & Geese game. Read Before

By Sai Kyouji


Idol Manager – Financial Stability Guide

Bankrupt in the first year? This guide will be showing you how to avoid bankruptcy

By Tokimonatakanimekat


HighFleet – Simple Solution to Code Breaking

Tired of pillaging radio rooms for a worthless piece of paper? Want to pinpoint that

By Whisky_N_Wins


Surviving Mars – Beginner’s Help and Guide

This guide is for all players who either need guidance as a beginner or those

By Jeena Ragnos


Decay of Logos – All Chest Locations Guide

This guide will list the number of chests in each area as well as describe

By Psojed


Tribes of Midgard – Ultimate Survival Handbook

Are you having trouble defending the village? Need some tips for those cold icy mountains?

By Jelleleigh


Midnight Castle Succubus – Red Orb Locations Guide

Redworthy has a guide with maps that shows all the locations of the crowns and


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