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Underworld Idle – All Contracts of Undead Faction

After you open the dark obelisk, you will simultaneously unlock contracts of the undead faction. Note: In order to study these contracts you need to make prestige exactly in

By Elivir


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Modding Guide for Linux Users

Running Skyrim using SteamPlay is easy enough, but getting a simple mod manager to work in a non-Windows environment involves a lot more suffering than is ideal. In light

By Cregan


The Long Gate Achievement Guide

Are you one of the players of The Long Gate who want to obtain all achievements in the game? If yes, this guide will be showing you the steps

By Le_Headboomer


Rhythm Doctor – 5 Simple Tips For Full Clearing (S+) Songs

Rhythm Doctor has become one of my most favorite rhythm games of all time. I mostly stick to 4 key rhythm games, like Friday Night Funkin’, Etterna, Quaver, etc…,

By Nattie98


Containment Initiative – Every Unlockables Guide

This is a guide about unlocking everything in Containment Initiative about what I recommend you take as an Easy path towards unlocks that I found can be done reliably.

By Tripp


Left 4 Dead 2 – How to Kick a Bot in Versus

This guide explains how to kick a bot for whatever reason but it can come in very handy in versus if you ever have that dumb infected bot that

By TheFryingPan


World of Warships – Every Nation’s Pros and Cons

Are you one of the new players of World of Warships who are still unfamiliar with the capacity of each nation in the game? If yes, then make sure

By xsouljackx


Bahamian Rhapsody All Ending Guide

Looking forward to seeing all endings of Bahamian Rhapsody video game? If yes, this game will be showing and teaching you how to get all endings in the game.

By Tabris


BattleBeasts – Every Crystals Locations

Are you looking for a certain crystal in BattleBeasts but can’t find anything on the map? Maybe you’re looking in the wrong spot. In this guide, we will be

By Comric


Ori and the Will of the Wisps Easter Eggs Guide

Easter eggs are one of the most amazing features that many players have been enjoying almost every game nowadays. Ori and the Will of the Wisps didn’t waste this


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