Wreckfest – Tournament Mode Guide

Check out this guide to learn all the important details in the tournament mode in Wreckfest. Discover how you can win and gain fame points in this Wreckfest mode.

Wreckfest Tournament Mode Guide

In the tournament mode, you will constantly have new challenges you can compete in to win fame points and ultimately, rewards from the store once you’ve earned enough points. First, let’s take a look at the screen you’ll see when loading up the tournament mode which is where you can access all of the challenges:


As you can see, we have 4 different columns with challenges in them though not all are exactly the same. Here’s how it breaks down from left to right.

Daily Challenges

These challenges will change every 24 hours and give out 2000 fame points each for a gold medal. These will typically be standard races and demolition derbies.

3 Day Challenges

These challenges will change every 3 days and give out 4000 fame points each for a gold medal. They will often feature a wider array of challenges with more unorthodox vehicles to make things more interesting.

Weekly Challenge

This challenge will change once a week on Wednesday and typically gives 10,000 fame points for a gold medal. In the weekly challenge, you will be competing on a global leaderboard against other players. Which medal you receive will depend on your position on the board. You must be in the top 10% for a gold medal.

Seasonal Challenge

This challenge will change every season and typically gives 20,000 fame points for a gold medal. Because this challenge lasts for so long and has the biggest reward, it is very competitive. As with the weekly challenge, you will be competing with other players on a leaderboard and you must be in the top 10% for a gold medal.

Please note that you will not immediately receive your fame points from the weekly and seasonal challenges when you complete them. You will get your reward when the challenge ends and your final position on the leaderboard will determine how many fame points you get. This means that you can potentially lose out on a medal if enough people beat your score so check back on these regularly.

Now, let’s take a look at actually playing a challenge. Once you’ve selected a challenge to play, the next screen will show you the requirements for each medal:


If you need a reminder of what you need to do at any point during the challenge, just look at the top left of the screen:


Beat the requirements to complete the challenge and earn fame points:


Once you have enough fame points, you can head over to the store and spend your points on rewards that are only available through the tournament mode. These range from cosmetics and paint jobs to customize your cars with exclusive vehicles.

Challenge Types

There are several different types of challenges you will see in the tournament mode. In this section, we’ll be looking at them and how they work.

Folk Race – Your basic race. Your only goal here is to finish in the highest position you can. Races will usually be 2 to 4 laps in length but shorter tracks can have upwards of 6 laps.

Demolition Derby – What else do you do in a demolition derby? Smash into opponents and wreck them to earn points of course. There is a bit of a twist here though which is the multiplier. Whenever you crash into or wreck an opponent, you will get a multiplier going. Every subsequent hit will increase this multiplier and you will earn points faster:


In the example above, I’ve just T-boned an opponent which would normally be worth 100 points but since I have a 1.5x multiplier going. I get 150 points instead. You can see how quickly you can rack up a big score with this. There is a major caveat, however. The multiplier does decay very quickly over time and if you don’t keep hitting opponents fast enough, you will lose your multiplier and have to start over again.

Time Attack – Achieve the fastest lap time that you can.

Race Attack – Somewhat similar to a race but your goal here is not really to win but to achieve the highest score you can. You will continuously gain points throughout the race but you will also get a point multiplier that will increase the higher your position in the race is. So the higher your position, the faster you will earn points.

Wreck Em All – Sort of like a cross between a race and a demolition derby. All of your opponents will be participating in a race while your goal is to wreck all of them as quickly as you can. Tip – Try going against the race instead of with it.

Snowball Run – The current seasonal challenge which is essentially a wreck em all challenge. The same tip, go against the race instead of with it and use the handbrake a lot.


And that's all for this Wreckfest guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Wreckfest? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Brian Haynes. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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