Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night – Easiest Way to Get 4000 Points

Want to get 4000 points easily in Ultimate Custom Night? This guide will teach how to get these amounts without any sweat.

Who to Add

First you want to put all of these characters on 20 difficulty:

  • Bonnie
  • Toy Bonnie
  • Toy Chica
  • Withered Chica
  • Withered Bonnie
  • Phantom Mangle
  • Phantom Freddy
  • Phantom BB
  • Nightmare Freddy
  • Old Man Consequences
  • Ennard
  • Trash and the gang
  • Helpy
  • Happy Frog
  • Rockstar Freddy
  • Rockstar Foxy
  • El Chip
  • Phone Guy
  • Funtime Chica
  • Molten Freddy

The Method

When the night is loading, put your fingers on the buttons: 1, S, and Space. Make sure your mouse is in the general area of the vent system button.

When the night loads, press all three buttons and switch to the vents on your camera. Activate the vent snare on the right. (Withered Chica doesn’t go any other way). Also use this as an opportunity to check where Ennard and Molten Freddy are.

Next, quickly switch to the ducts and locate Happy Frog. Place an audio lure near her to keep her there and then turn off your camera and turn on your fan. Flash your light to get rid of Phantom Freddy and the freddles.

This is the hardest part of the night, especially when you have to do it all in around 10 seconds. The important thing is that Happy Frog and Withered Chica can’t get in.

Now that you have done the hard bit, just put on your mask when the toy animatronics and Withered Bonnie appear and close the vent when you hear Molten Freddy and Ennard. Now all you need to do is keep track of Rockstar Freddy. When he activates, turn on the heater until the option to pay 5 fazcoins disappears then make sure your fan is on and press 1 to turn the power generator back on.

Simply rinse and repeat the process as many times as you want.


And that's all for this Ultimate Custom Night guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Ultimate Custom Night? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by JR Armstrong. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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