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Dead by Daylight – Anniversary Event 2021 Preparation Guide

June 14th is coming up quickly and this guide is how to start preparing now!
Tips for maximizing the upcoming Anniversary Event in Dead by Daylight.


Play bunch of matches, save blood points, yadda-yadda seems like obvious advice, but there are some VERY specific strategies that will allow you to get the most out of the DBD Anniversary.

You can expect new cosmetics, lots of blood points, and some unique items in your Bloodweb. It’s that last item where we will be getting the most value from. There will be anniversary cakes, BP treats and possibly some limited flashlights or kits. Maybe even crackers or other such fun! You want to be able to get as many of these as possible to fuel your fun until next year’s anniversary or event.

Step 1

Start saving BP! Those special, limited items will only appear on your Bloodweb during the event. Why spend now and get regular items when you can get the special ones with your normal unlocking?

The magic number to save to is around 850k-950k. You don’t actually want to have a million BP because you will waste a ton going over the cap. Get to about 950k and spend down to 800k. Keep yourself hovering in that range so you have close to maximum to spend on event items.

When you do you spend, however, there is a particular method to prepare to get the most items. That is covered in the next step.

Step 2

These special event items only appear in NEW Bloodwebs, so having a bunch of barely started webs means you must buy a bunch of regular items before getting a fresh screen.

On every Survivor and Killer, try to level their current web to one node away from completion. (Careful of the entity!) This way you will only have to spend 4k instead of 40k to get goodies. Still better to have 900ish k in the bank, but when you are forced to spend to stay below the cap, this is where to send your points.

Step 3

This is more of a final planning and awareness phase. Be mindful that when you prestige up a survivor or killer, your inventory resets. Do you know who you are next tiering up or who is close to? If they are at 45 or higher, it is best to just set them back to Level 1 and one node away from Level 2. This way, when the anniversary hits and you power level them 30 or so levels, then you will collect tens of dozens of special drops as you zip through instead of 30 levels of junk.

Bonus Step

If you are really, really trying to maximize gains down to the last point, save all your green and higher items. Now is a good time to go through everyone and use up your junk items. When the anniversary comes, the matches will award tremendous amounts of BP.

This will come from either boosted rates or the other players using their anniversary boosting items. Just you watch: matches last year were pulling in an easy 100k+ in bad game. You will want your best equipment and best offerings to maximize all the multipliers to your score.


And that's all for this Dead by Daylight guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Dead by Daylight? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Head Case. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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