A Pinch of Magic

A Pinch of Magic Achievement and Walkthrough Guide

This guide will be teaching you how to obtain all achievements in A Pinch of Magic video game developed and published by Crystal Game Works.

There are 5 achievements in the game. Three of these achievements are secret and it will be revealed in the details below.

A Pinch of Magic Achievement Guide

Select this character and do the following:

  • Distract with magic
  • Prepare the drink with magic
  • Work with Mikhail
  • Ask what he´s doing
  • Making the costumer feel welcome
  • Ignore him
  • R u finished?
  • Sugarcoat it
  • What do u think?
  • Everything aight?
  • Accept the challenge
  • Be honest
  • Don´t believe me?
  • That´d mean a lot to me

You will soon get this new character.

Unlocked achievements:

  • A Pinch of Magic – Sometimes it’s okay to show off.
  • A Harmless(?) Prank – Don’t mess with seagulls.

Next, you have to select this character:

After choosing this character, do the following:

  • Prank with magic
  • Prepare the drink normally
  • Work with Kiana
  • Walk up to her
  • Pasta primavera

A new character will be unlocked:

Unlocked achievements

  • Coffee for Two
  • Salty Kelp Latte

Last but not the least, select all characters and do the following:

  • Distract with magic
  • Prepare the drink with magic
  • Work with Mikhail
  • Chastise his phone use
  • Creating the perfect drink
  • Be sarcastic
  • R u finished?
  • Be upfront
  • Is that for your blog?
  • Was dat your rich dad?
  • Get snarky
  • Lie
  • What r u thinking about?
  • idk if i can accept it

You will then unlock the last achievement called Coffee for One.


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