The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience

The Orville – Interactive Fan Experience Achievement Guide

100% achievement guide for The Orville – Interactive Fan Experience. Here, you will be able to find the steps how to get all achievements in the game.

The Orville – Interactive Fan Experience Achievement Guide

Ambush! – Defeat the Kaylon Ship in the Unknown Regions.

  • Use the Navigation console to travel to the Unexplored Sector. On arrival, you will find yourself face-to-face with a Kaylon ship. Switch into the Pilot’s chair and take control of the ship. You will need to shoot the ten long pylons around the ship, which will fall off when hit. Once the pylons are all removed, shoot at the red ring inside the sphere a few times to destroy the ship. The ship goes boom, achievement unlocked.

Firestorm – Defeat the entity at Tuhroz-Ghul.

  • Based on the season one episode Firestorm, and initially released in-game as Halloween content. Use the Navigation station to travel to Tuhroz-Ghul. Once you have an unconventional exit from the quantum drive, you will be taunted by a creepy voice, who challenges you to fix nine consoles scattered around the ship.
  • Main Bridge (Deck A)
  • Damage Control (Deck A)
  • Communications Array Room (Deck E)
  • Quantum Control Top Level (Deck G)
  • Quantum Control Middle Level (Deck H)
  • Quantum Control Lower Level (Deck I)
  • Engineering Hallway Deck I (Deck I)
  • Main Engineering (Deck I)
  • Main Engineering Rear Room (Deck I)

The consoles can be seen on the minimap as an explosion icon. Teleporting is disabled until you leave the Tuhroz-Ghul system, so you will have to travel through the ship on foot. Once the ninth console is repaired, the creepy voice will give its finishing spiel, and the achievement will pop.

Hugging the Donkey – Reach 250 points in the Orville Arcade.

  • Go to one of the E-Sim rooms on Deck I or J, and load the Bowling Alley E-Sim. Find the Orville arcade consoles, and interact with one to play a retro side-scrolling space shooter. You score a point for each hit you land on the Krill ship and lose a point for each time they hit you. I hit 250 points during the 14th level, but a perfect undamaged run may reach this mark earlier. The achievement will not complete until the arcade game ends with the player’s defeat.

1941 – Unlock the Hilton Steele E-Sim Simulation.

  • The E-Sim chip is in Bortus’ quarters on Deck C, in the main room, on the desk near the window. Pick it up and place it into your inventory. Take it to one of the E-Sim rooms on Deck I or J. Go inside the room with no programs open, and interact with the hatch below the control to expose the control circuits. Get Bortus’ chip out of your inventory (hold your inventory key – default “I” – and scroll to select the chip), and place it in the empty slot on the flat section of the exposed circuitry. Close the hatch, and start the new program that appears on the menu.



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