Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – Aggravated Assault Guide

This guide will teach you how to handle the event Aggravated Assault in Police Simulator: Patrol Officers.

Handling Injured

When you arrive at the location. Go to each injured person on the floor and call an ambulance for each and every one of them.

Questioning Witness

After assisting all injured, you may begin questioning your witness. You have the option of doing the following:

  • Inquire about the witness to what occurred ( Only need to do this for the event, others are extras ).
  • Request identification card.

This will provide you with suspect information such as the suspect’s image and clothing ( Make sure to ask every witness to get the most out of it ) You may not receive any clues at all, so just end it if you don’t find any clue.

  • When a person does the following, you have the authority to frisk them:
    • Shaking
    • Nervous
    • Green crumb on shirt
    • Avoiding eye contact
    • Looking around
  • When you have probable cause to arrest someone, you have the authority to do so. (Only when you legally frisk/search):
    • Possession of an illegal weapon (unlicensed firearms/all types of knives).
    • Cannabis weighing more than the legal limit of one ounce.

Arresting Suspect

After gathering information on suspects, walk around and look for people who match. You can use the right mouse button to see if the person is a suspect.

After you’d apprehended the suspect. Detain her from fleeing because you match a description.

Check for identification to ensure that it is the same person, and file your arrest under Crime Scene – Aggravated Assault.


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