Team Fortress 2 – How to Auto-Execute Console Commands

Check out this Team Fortress 2 guide to learn how you can auto-execute console commands in the game. If you’re one of the TF2 players who are tired of typing the same commands all over again, this guide will help you skip this process.

Team Fortress 2

How to Auto-Execute Console Commands in TF2

Enable TF2 Console

For those who haven’t enabled the console in Team Fortress 2, here is the step on how to do it:

  1. Launch Team Fortress 2
  2. Click the Settings button
  3. Go to Keyboards Advanced and check the second option
  4. Quit Team Fortress 2
  5. Open Steam Games > Right-click on TF2 and select Properties
  6. Click Set Launch Options and type the following commands:
    • -console
  7. Relaunch TF2 and type the following commands
    • Bind [YOUR KEY] toggleconsole

Creating the AutoRun File

Now that we have enabled TF2 console, we’re now going to create the automation. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the directory of Team Fortress 2.
  2. Once you’re already in the directory folder, go to tf cfg folder
  3. Create a new .txt file and name it to autoexec.
  4. After creating a new text file named autoexec.txt, change the .txt extension to .cfg.
    • The final result should be autoexec.cfg

Console Command Customization

We’re now going to customize the autoexec console commands. Edit the autoexec.cfg by performing the right-click on your mouse and select open with notepad. From there, you can customize the commands. Please note that the file will be following one command per line.


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