Solar Panic: Utter Distress – Complete Achievement Guide

Check out this Solar Panic: Utter Distress guide to learn how to obtain all achievements in the game. Discover the story progression achievements, missable achievements, and collectibles achievements.

In Solar Panic: Utter Distress, players will be able to find a total of 18 achievements. In this guide, we will be showing you all the achievements and how to easily get it.

Solar Panic: Utter Distress

Solar Panic: Utter Distress Achievement Guide

Story Progression Achievements

These achievements should be awarded to you by just playing through the game.

Mary Poppins

  • Fly!

Greetings from Origami Beach

  • Complete Origami Beach.

Greetings from Vagrapadus F4RT

  • Complete Vagrapadus F4RT.

Greetings from Vattefjak

  • Complete Vattefjak.

Romeo is gone…

  • You broke Romeo!

Solar Panic: Utter Distress

  • Complete Solar Panic.

Missable Achievements

These achievements are missable. Here, you will be able to learn how to get the achievements in the game.


  • Score at the basketball court.
    • (Origami Beach)
    • Go to the basketball court, and throw the ball through the hoop.

Patience, Manley

  • Let the narrator finish in the elevator.
    • (Origami Beach)
    • After entering the elevator in the dungeon, don’t follow the narrator’s instructions.

Ketchup Maker

  • Shoot people with tomatoes.
    • (Origami Beach)
    • As the description says, after getting the ketchup gun, shoot someone with it.

Burnt Dream

  • Burn the tree down.
    • (Vagrapadus F4RT)
    • Located in the underground town. Press the button next to the glass dome with the tree under it.


  • Kick Wilson the ball.
    • (Vagrapadus F4RT)
    • Wilson is located outside, near the gondola station, in the direction of the bridge. Give him a kick.

Burning Accident

  • More like a burning cliche.
    • (Vagrapadus F4RT)
    • Go outside and over the bridge. Stand in the campfire to your left.


  • You really are a secret agent.
    • (Vagrapadus F4RT)
    • As you are doing activities in Baroness Balls’ Wanderlust Serendipity, get the disguise from the gift shop.

I mean umm ouch

  • Breaking character.
    • (Vattefjak)
    • Jump off the roof of the house the security guard is residing in.

Treasure Hunter

  • Find the Viking treasure.
    • (Vattefjak)
    • Acquire the treasure map from the house with a woman dressed in blue. Follow its instructions.


The following achievements are awarded after collecting all the collectibles in an area. The collectibles must be collected in one playthrough before leaving the major area. There are few origamis that are locked off after some story progression in an area, those are marked with [MISSABLE] in the guide.

Beach Collector

  • Find all Origami Beach origamis.
    1. On the beach, inside one of the lookout towers.
    2. In the bathroom of the surfing store, Barnie’s Baggies.
    3. In the alleyway between Kilmister and Colon hotels.
    4. In a narrow alleyway behind the Government Transactions Association building.
    5. In the kitchen of the hotel that is opposite to South Park.
    6. On the roof of the building that is opposite to the Blue Whale building.
    7. [MISSABLE] This one is in the dungeon of the Government Transactions Association building. Go in the opposite direction to where the hooded man is leading you, and you should find this at the end of a dead-end.
    8. [MISSABLE] After taking the elevator from the dungeon to the rooftop. Jump over the yellow police line to see this one.

Sewer Collector

  • Find all Vagrapadus F4RT origamis.
    1. There are stairs next to Blarcekia, follow them all the way up.
    2. Inside the gondola station.
    3. In a locker near the shaman’s hut.
    4. In one of the tents near the bridge.
    5. After giving the ticket, head down and look behind the elevator shaft.
    6. In a sewer pipe on the right side of the entrance to Baroness Balls’ Wanderlust Serendipity.
    7. After entering Baroness Balls’ Wanderlust Serendipity, go left. You should find a man wearing all black and sunglasses. The origami is near him.
    8. [MISSABLE] After you escaping your prison cell, this one can be found on the same floor as it.

Winter Collect

  • Find all Vattefjak origamis.
    1. Located next to the naked man after arriving in Vattefjak.
    2. In one of the docked boats.
    3. Find guards are guarding a piece of the wall outside the village. The origami can be found past them, up the hill.
    4. On top of a guard tower near the sleeping guard.
    5. Can be found in a chest behind a house, near the fresh meat seller.
    6. Inside the building that is housing the security guard.
    7. Near the largest house, inside one of the outhouses.
    8. In the attic of the largest house. This one can be tricky to find, because the attic is extremely dark, or at least it was for me.

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