SCP: Labrat

SCP: Labrat Achievement Guide

100% achievement guide for SCP: Labrat. Please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game.

SCP: Labrat Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 11 achievements in the game. 7 of these achievements are hidden.

Spiral Gestalt

  • Simply load a save in-game.

Gone, Reduced to atoms.

  • Find or spawn SCP-999, pick it up and stretch it/throw it around until it tears in half.


  • Find SCP-096 and stare at his face. It also works with the “Natural Selection” achievement.

Kentucky Fried D-Class

  • Stand in a tesla gate and die from it.

Beast Tamer

  • Go to SCP-999’s room, take some candy from the bowl in front of it, and feed it.

Hug the nut

  • Touch SCP-173 with both hands at the same time.

It looks so real!

  • Find SCP-178’s room, take it, and put it on for a bit. The glasses can be found in one of the “2-SCP” rooms, the same type of area that SCP-500 and SCP-1499 spawn in.

Natural selection

  • On the right of SCP-914, there should be some shelves with a photo of SCP-173 on it. Just put that photo in 914 for any value and look at the outcome.

What have you done?

  • In the cafeteria, find the piece of pizza on a table and keep it. Then, find SCP-999 and feed it to him.

Navy Seal

  • I got this achievement personally by turning off the remote door control system and going to SCP-079’s chamber. Then, I no clipped into the cage area he was in and punched him. I’m sure there’s another way of doing it without clipping, but I just decided to do it the quick and easy way.

That Solves That

  • This was by far the hardest of all the achievements to obtain. You have to lure SCP-173 into a tesla gate and have it go off, revealing his rebar underneath.


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