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People Playground – Secrets of the Pink Syringe

The pink syringe is often known for its random effects, but here, we are going to document some but not all of the effects.

Mystery of the Pink Syringe

The pink syringe is an unusual addition to people’s playgrounds. is said to have random effects per syringe, which is odd since randomness isn’t really a part of people’s playgrounds. I have decided to list some, but not all, of the possible effects of this strange syringe. Though keep in mind this syringe sometimes mimics effects from other syringes, these mimicked effects will not be recorded.

Here are all the recorded effects so far:

  • It slowly dismembers the subject (like the acid syringe, but it doesn’t melt the flesh and is a bit weaker.)
  • Causes gravity to affect the subject in weird ways, like giving certain parts high gravity and other parts negative gravity.
  • Caused the initial part into which it was injected to explode as if crushed.
  • Ignite the subject and slowly dismember them.
  • Causes the subject to bleed from a bunch of spots on their body (I’m a bit skeptical about this one because I think it might have only happened in an older version of the game).
  • Slowly and slightly decrease the integrity of the subject.

Any attempts to find out any more effects have been futile as during testing the pink syringe kept mimicking the effect of the super-strength syringe.

There’s also a chance that the pink syringe combines effects together, but we’re not sure about this.



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