NKO DICE Translated Rule Explanation

Here is the translated rule of NKO Dice from the original context, which is Japanese, to the English language.

Basic Rules

At the start, you are given 3 rolls to try and maximize your score, which is the sum of three score categories: U(nko), M(anko), and C(hinko).

When you make specific words out of the dice faces, you get bonus points, extra rolls, and potentially extra dice for your next roll.


You are given 5 nudges to potentially reroll your hand before the dice have completely settled down if you don’t like where it’s going. Whenever you make a word, you earn additional nudges. The bottom left side of the screen shows the number of nudges you have.

When you right-click, you use a nudge, and the strength of the nudge is dependent on how full the circular meter is when you click. Strong nudges can heavily change the result, while weak nudges tend to be a waste.

Dice Faces

After a roll is finalized, the faces add to your score according to the table below.

FacePointCategory Affected
う (U)500U
ま (MA)500M
ち (CHI)500C
ん (N)50U, M, C
こ (KO)100U, M, C
お (O)300U, M, C
Piss (For each die that rolled out of the bowl)-500U, M, C


Forming words provide additional points and various other important bonuses to extend the game and increase the probabilities of a good score. The secondary goal of the game other than earning points is to achieve the elusive OCHINCHIN, the longest word in the game that requires 5 dice.

When you make at least one word in a roll, the number of rolls you can do increases by 1, allowing you to roll more than the default 3 times.

For every additional word made after the first, your next roll will have one more die added in, which makes it easier to form more words and triplets. If you roll an OCHINCHIN, your next roll will start off with 10 dice, the maximum amount.

If you make the same word in consecutive rolls, you gain a multiplier bonus. A 2-Combo multiplies the word’s score by 2x, 3-Combo by 4x, and 4+ Combo by 8x. [Confirmation Needed]

Rolling an OMANKO will override the MANKO for that roll. Same for OCHINCHIN and CHINCHIN.

WordPointCategory Affected
うんち (UNCHI)1000U
うんこ (UNKO)1000U
まんこ (MANKO)1000M
おまんこ (OMANKO)5000M
ちんこ (CHINKO)1000C
ちんちん (CHINCHIN)3000U, M, C
おちんちん (OCHINCHIN)10000U, M, C


Rolling triplets is the other aspect to heavily maximize (or minimize!) your points. When you get 3 of the same face, all the points you currently have in affected categories are multiplied. This multiplication happens after the Face and Word points are calculated for the current roll.

If you roll 4 or more of the same dice, the multiplier is 4x instead. (For N, the multiplier is -4x).

FaceMultiplierCategory Affected
ううう (U)x2U
ままま (MA)x2M
ちちち (CHI)x2C
んんん (N)Negative x3U, M, C
こここ (KO)x1.5U, M, C
おおお (O)x1.5*U, M, C

Note: Unlike other positive multipliers that will decrease your points when applied to a point category that is in the negatives, an O triplet will flip the category to the positives before the multiplier is applied, so it will always increase your points.


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