Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency: Sandstorm Achievement Guide

This guide will tell you how to get and obtain all achievements in Insurgency Sandstorm. From the most simple to the hardest ones.

This process may take 20-30 hours or more depending on teammate cooperation. Let me clear, all the achievements I will talk about can either be done in co-op or versus. Along with that, it’s easier said than done to get them done. So, let’s get straight to it!

Insurgency: Sandstorm Achievement Guide

Here are the easy achievements that you can easily obtain:

  • Wet Feet – Simply Complete the Tutorial.
  • Stylin – Buy a cosmetic item from the shop and equip it to your character.
  • Play To Win – Capture an Objective/Checkpoint 100 Times. Best done in Co-Op Mode.
  • First Blood – Get the First Kill of the Match. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Personal – Get a Knife Kill. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Special Delivery – Destroy an Enemies Weapons Cache with a C-4 or an IED, Equippable in the Explosives category in your Loadout. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Self Destructive – Destroy an Enemies Weapon Cache. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • High Speed Low Drag – Kill an Enemy after doing a Speed Reload. Speed Reloading can be done by pressing R twice. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Thanks Station – Playing as a Commander, Call in Fire Support that Kills one Enemy. You can change which support you call in by pressing X on the binoculars and you will need an Observer to call it in.
  • Point Shooting – Kill An Enemy without using your Weapons Sights. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Wallbanger – Kill an Enemy through a Wall. The best advice I can give is to either slightly shoot through the edge or a Window or Door, or Spray and Pray. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Grounded – Destroy the Securities Air Support. Best Done by shooting some Rocket at the aircraft when it is facing away from you. Can only be done with the Demolition Class or picking up an RPG or other variation.
  • Exploitation – Kill an Enemy While they are Reloading. Best done by playing Co-Op and waiting for the AI to reload and then killing said AI.
  • Banged – Kill an Enemy while they are Flashed. Best done in Co-Op Mode and try not to flash yourself.
  • Ruthless – Kill an Enemy with Fire. First, equip a Molotov or Incendiary device, then go into Co-Op mode to get the kill since in Co-Op mode is the Easiest to do it in.
  • Semper Paratus – Navigate through Chemical Gas while Wearing a Gas Mask. Easily done in any Co-Op map but you have to be playing as Security since the Insurgents is the only team with Chemical Gas.
  • #1 – Become the MVP of a Match. The Easiest way is to stay on an Objective and Kill Enemies from said objective. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Checkpoint Victory – Win a match of Checkpoint. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Firefight Victory – Win a match of Firefight. In my experience, if you keep playing the mode enough you will eventually get a Win or you could actually try-hard.
  • Turf War – Block an Objective from being Captured than Clear It. Best done with a coordinated team or in a Co-Op game mode.

Prior to going over my least favorite achievements, let me say this is all Easier Said than Done and some of these took me days to get.

  • Push Victory – Win a Match of Push. An Absolute Nightmare to get in Versus mode. All I can say is keep playing the game mode and your team will eventually overcome the other. Take each push slow and keep coordinated with your team in order for it to happen otherwise, you`re going to be there for a while.
  • Flaccid Paralysis – Kill 3 Enemies in a Row with Headshots. Now, this can be easy if you play in Co-Op Mode or you can make it personal by trying to get in Versus. The Choice is Yours.
  • It’s All in the Reflexes – Kill an Enemy with an Enemies Live Grenade. This achievement can be difficult if you do it how it says to or you can cheese the system. Have a Friend or Squadmate throw a grenade at your feet, then pick it up and quickly turn to an enemy or towards enemies spawn. Then throw it and wait. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Efficient – Kill 3 or more Enemies with a Grenade. Can either be done in Co-Op or Versus but the easier route might be Co-Op. In some of the maps in Co-Op on the game mode checkpoint, the enemy can spawn a car. Your best would be Farmhouse or Summit and learn where the cars spawn and throw your grenade there. The car will automatically have 2 enemies in it and a third should be close to it.
  • Knock Knock – Kill an Enemy by Breaching a Door. I found this one difficult until I learned a trick with AI. Simply go to an objective that has a door near it and shoot the door a couple of times to attract the enemy AI. Once your either hear them or see them clip through the door, then breach it and it should be done. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Road Hazard – Destroy an Enemy Vehicle with a Mine. Much like the grenade achievement, learn where some vehicles spawn in Co-Op Checkpoint. Next, tell your team that you will take care of it and start placing your mine in the path of the vehicle and if no one disrupts the car’s path then you should get it. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Designated Driver – Drive a Vehicle Full of Squadmates for more than 15 seconds. This one cannot be done in Versus Mode. In Co-Op Mode, try to kill the enemies in the vehicle in order to gain control of it. Since the Windows of the car are bulletproof, no one should get hurt. Ask your friends or squadmates to join you in the car, I said that we needed to get to school and it worked most of the time. Ten just drive around either slowly or in circles and then you should get it.
  • Hit and Run – Kill an Enemy with a Vehicle by Running them Over. While you are getting Designated Driver, try and look for an enemy in the open to run over for 2 achievements at the same time. Otherwise, practice the Designated Driver tips to get a car in Co-Op Mode.
  • Mount and Gun – Kill an Enemy with the Vehicles Gun. Plain and Simple, just kill an enemy with the mounted gun in Co-Op Mode. Unless you want to do it in Versus then you might be there a while because once the enemy catches a whiff of your driving, then about 2 RPGs are aimed in your direction. So just do it in Co-Op Mode.
  • J.R. 50 – Kill an Enemy Driver with the Mounted Gun of the Drivers Car. The Hardest Achievement in the game with a clear rate of 0.50%. All the advice I can give you is if you want to do it in a Versus match then kindly ask the enemy to let you do say task. If that doesn’t work the try in Co-Op mode but be warned that this may only be achievable in Versus since the enemy Driver in Co-Op leaves the car after it’s stopped. This may take a while but I believe in you!
  • Blindfire – Kill an Enemy while Flashed. In simple terms, just flash yourself in front of a group of enemies and spray and pray. One of the things that can bog you down is your squadmates killing the enemies you`re going after. Another thing is you could miss all your shots but otherwise, equip 3 flashbangs and do your best. Best Done in Co-Op Mode.
  • Cinematic – Kill an Enemy while Vaulting. in simple terms, vault over as many things as possible and spray. The complication that may come along while doing this is the vault itself. While vaulting you can only shoot at the very beginning of said vault and at the very end of it. So some tips to make it easier is to equip a shotgun with normal rounds and vault over everything. Along with vaulting everything, shoot every enemy you see and I bet you, you will get it in no time. I believe in you!


And that's all for this Insurgency: Sandstorm guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Insurgency: Sandstorm? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Gunz. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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