Necromunda: Hired Gun

Necromunda: Hired Gun Achievement Guide

Here is the complete list of Necromunda: Hired Gun achievements and how you can obtain them.

Necromunda: Hired Gun Achievement Guide

Here are the story-related achievements. You won’t be able to miss them as long as you finish the game:

  • The Bounty – Finish Level 1
  • The Captive – Finish Level 2
  • The Beast – Finish Level 3
  • The Ambush – Finish Level 4
  • The Escape – Finish Level 5
  • The Siege – Finish Level 6
  • The Dark – Finish Level 7
  • The Stair – Finish Level 8
  • The Meeting – Finish Level 9
  • Gang war – Finish Level 10
  • The Scent – Finish Level 11
  • Martyr’s End – Finish Level 12
  • The Past – Finish The campaign

Here are the secret achievements:

  • Future best friend? – Let Brickjaw live in Koloss 44
    • Don’t Kill the NPC towards the end of the 2nd level. Minimal story influence.
  • Ruthless – Kill Brickjaw in Koloss 44
    • Kill the NPC on the 2nd level. Do it as soon as they open the hatch, only chance. Minimal story influence.
  • Man’s best friend – Buy an upgrade for your Mastiff
  • Who’s a good boy? – Pet your dog in Martyr’s end
  • Bull’s Eye – Complete the shooting training in Martyr’s End
    • Finish the shooting range at Martyr’s End. It’s above the gun store.
  • God speed – Place five bombs in less than three minutes in Escher Lab.
  • The one and only – Finish Kaerus with only the Ironfist.
    • Only use your default weapon on level one. I suggest a replay after it’s been upgraded.
  • Kill it with fire – Kill a Genestealer with a grenade launcher
    •  Kill the new enemy type on this level with a grenade launcher.
  • Pedestrian – Finish Avarus without using the grapnel.
    • Don’t use the Grapnel on this mission. Wallrunning and double jumping for the win.
  • I hate walking – Travel 5km using the grapnel
    • Use your Grapnel to travel over 5km.

Implant kills related achievements:

  • Bionic master – Kill 100 enemies by using Augmetics powers
  • Who needs weapons – Kill 5 enemies in one use of Strength Booster
  • Zap – Kill 30 enemies with the Blast module
  • It’s not cheating! – Kill 60 enemies with the Perfect Aim module
  • Kaboom – Kill 30 enemies with the Crush module

Other kills related achievements:

  • Death comes from above – Kill 100 enemies while wallrunning
  • SadisticYou have performed 100 Takedowns
  • Who let the dogs out – Kill 30 enemies with your Mastiff
  • Headache – You have killed 100 enemies with a headshot
  • Sniper – Kill 10 enemies in a row with headshots only
  • Weapons lover – Kill an enemy with every weapon

The list of known weapons in the game:


  • Scars Machina
  • Epitaph
  • Ironfist
  • Escher’s Kiss
  • Firebird


  • Doghammer
  • Death Bringer
  • Vpanther
  • Pious Legacy
  • M’Ma
  • Striker


  • Hashin’s Eye
  • Burningsun
  • Wrath
  • Funeral Ball


  • Scatter
  • Iron Rain
  • Tempest

Levels completion related achievements

  • Who’s the boss now? – Finish a mission with an S rank
    • Can be done in Side Missions. Make sure you find chests, avoid using medkits and kill few enemies.

  • The best student – Finish all main missions with a rank of A or more
    • You may replay main missions from the Hub
  • New allies – Fill one faction bar
    • Complete missions from the same contractor. The white bar tracks your progress:

  • The specialist – Finish a mission using only special weapons.
    • Special weapons are Hashin’s Eye, Burningsun, Wrath, and Funeral Ball.
  • Defuser – Trigger all mines on Steel way

Other remaining achievements and how to obtain them:

  • Additional income – Finish your first secondary mission
    • That will be your main income. Side missions are extremely easy and can be done in under a minute, earning you over 30-60k in one run.
  • Still human? – Upgrade one implant to the class 4
    • A lot of your earnings will be gone into implants. Worth investment though!)
  • Gecko’s feet – Wallrun 2500m
  • Now I see you – Take out 50 shields with the grapnel
    • You need these guys. Just shoot them with grapnel.

  • Perfect weapon – Customize every aspect of a single weapon
    • Customization is available before accepting a mission or in the hub, from Artificer.
  • Explorer – Find a +3 weapon
    • Depends on your luck.
  • Treasure hunt – Open 20 chests
    • You may open the same chests at the same level, they will count!
  • Banker – Amass 100.000 credits
    • Counts as OVERALL credits. You may spend them!


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