Valheim – 14 Quick Tips and Building Strategy for Beginners

Quick tips that should genuinely help, without the excessive amount of reading.

Valheim Quick Tips

  1. For each tier, prioritize pickaxe -> weapon of choice -> armor when deciding ore usage.
  2. When traveling by boat, ALWAYS bring materials for a portal, as well as leaving an unlinked portal at your base.
  3. Never throw anything away, absolutely everything has a use and you can always get more chests.
  4. Do not underestimate meads, they are powerful.
  5. When traveling to a mining site, bring the materials for the cart, then build it on site. If it’s on a mountain, just push it down the mountain for quick transport.
  6. Bows are OP, and flaming torches are the easiest way to get good damage.
  7. If you struggle with building integrity, all you need to do is minimize the amount of supporting pieces (i.e. using longer pieces like 4m core wood will increase integrity.)
  8. Bosses are MUCH easier with friends. Trust me.
  9. When sailing against the wind, it will be faster to go in a zigzag than to just row against the wind.
  10. Skip the bronze pickaxe. Antler pickaxe can be easily fixed anywhere anytime, and still breaks iron. The iron pickaxe is worth tho.
  11. IMO, swords are the best weapon class, despite nearly every monster being resistant to slash and weak to pierce. The reasoning is that in conjunction with the shield and moveset, it is more versatile.
  12. The absolute last thing you want to happen while exploring is to die somewhere with no way to get back. Do absolutely anything you can to prioritize having a portal or spare ship any time you go exploring.
  13. When you get to the silver tier, get the wolf cape first, it’ll allow you to explore the mountain without mead.
  14. When you get to the mountain, make a minimum of 20 cold resistance meads and only bring 2 or 3 with you at a time.

Building Strat

When building large structures, build a skeleton, add the foundation (using stone will give you extra structure height), then roofs, repair everything, then add the walls.

Get WAY more materials than you think you need. Like at least 3 or 4 times as many. You will absolutely use all of it and still end up getting more.


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