Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 – Survivalist Guide for Team Players

Are you one of the team players in Killing Floor 2? If yes, this guide will give you some ideas on how to use survivalist’s strengths to your and your team’s advantage.

Survivalist’s Base Kit

Per each level survivalist gets 0.6% damage buff to all weapons up to 15%, damage resistance and increased maximum armor by 1% up to 25% and said armor being like SWAT’s armor with heavy armor skill which prevents all sorts of damage except siren’s and Matriarch’s sonic attack, zed time reload by 3% up to 75% and 35% faster weapon switch regardless of level. Until level 15 survivalists will have commando grenades.

Note: Zed time reload will decrease time to reload by 75% or will make it 4 times quicker at level 25.

Survivalist’s Skills

Skills description is pretty straight forward but some little details are not shown here:

Medic training decreased cooldown of dart and syringe recharge works differently from Field Medic’s faster recharge rate: instead of diving it by 1*(0.08*x) where x is Field medic’s level, survivalist’s recharge boost will actually cut recharge rate in half.

Spontaneous zed plotion will deal 50 explosive damage to any nearby zeds, stunning them in the process.

Lockdown will always stun any zed when zed time is active with some exceptions:

  • If zed was staggered by any means while it in its stagger animation lockdown won’t stun zed.
  • If zeds like Bloat, Gorefast, Gorefiend, Scrake, Quarterpound, Fleshpound blocking their weak spots lockdown stunning power will be reduced and will be pricked after said blocking is over.
  • If Quarterpound or Fleshpound is on their rage animation lockdown won’t work.
  • If Boss is on their armor phase (Abomination armor, King Fleshpound, Hans, or Matriarch shield) or they block their weak spot lockdown won’t be triggered.

Survivalist’s Role

Survivalist’s role heavily depends on his skill and weapons choice but since we are aiming for being a team player we should make our loadout and skill selection to be appropriate to this goal.

Step 1: Which perks role you should and shouldn’t be taking

Perks role that you should be taking:

  • Commando and SWAT: you won’t be as good as trash cleaner as those 2 perks but in return spountanius zed splotion will make your trash clean way easier, lockdown also is a great tool to give yourself a bit of the time to reload your weapon and start cleaning trash again. As a bonus, by using SWAT or Commando weapons you will be keeping your lane in order and won’t cause any chaos unlike with Demo or Firebug weapons.
  • Field medic: sure your teammates won’t get any buffs like they would from Field medic but at the very least you will keep your team healthy and intact. It’s possible that a survivalist with Medic training skill can take a Field medic role completely if you don’t have one.
  • Sharpshooter: again you won’t be able to be as effective a large zed killer as Sharpshooter but at the end of the day you can help him handle big zeds or if the need arises take them by yourself. Plus you have access to Spountanius zed splotion and lockdown so it definitely will come into play when you will be taking pounds and scrapes down.
  • Berzerker(Only meatshield part): again you won’t be as tanky as zerk by any means but if your teammate needs to be tanked and you are on full health you could use your passive dagame resistance alongside with knife or some weapons parry ability(like frostfang or mosin) to tank raged pounds or scrake.

Perks role that you shouldn’t take:

  • Gunslinger: unlike in the sharp case dual-wielding pistols can be good but against large zeds you will be just pissing them off rather than dealing any significant damage thanks to huge recoil. Slinger weapons should be used as backup or utility weapons (It will be discussed later).
  • Firebug: this perk most of the time relies on his heatwave and ground fire skills to be a great trash cleaner. Since survivalists don’t have those 2 perks firebug weapons should be avoided. Also if you are using weapon harness skills you should use molotos with care to avoid causing chaos.
  • Demolitionist: like in the Firebug case Demo is a chaotic perk that focuses more on dealing with large zeds rather than trash. Unfortunately, survivalist lacks damage output to be at least as half as effective big zed killer with Demo weapons. If you wonder about trash clean it’s possible but why would you use Demo weapons for that since Commando or SWAT weapons are way better and won’t cause any chaos or unintentional big zed getting raged.

Step 2: Lane sharing

It’s the trickiest part of playing as a survivalist. Taking the previous step into account you have 2 choices: either share a lane with a precise or chaotic perk.

If you decided to share the lane with a precision perk: you should avoid using any weapons that might cause chaos(mostly Demo and Firebug weapons).

  • In this case, you are sharing a lane with commando DON’T kill any zeds while zed time is active since it’s Commando’s main purpose. While zed time is active if any big zed comes across your line you can use lockdown to stun it and make its takedown for you and Commando way easier
  • If you are staying with Sharpshooter/Slinger you should be taking most of the trash zeds by yourself. Against Zed spotion and lockdown can be used to make large zed takedown like it’s nothing.
  • Staying with Support is a completely different story since this perk doesn’t rely on precision that much unless it’s a large zeds. Again all tips that were mentioned above can be applied here as well but you can also use Firebug’s Dragon’s breath if so desire since it won’t affect Support’s trash clean at all but be careful to not enrage big zed.

If you decided to share the lane with chaotic perk(Firebug or Demo): even though those perks cause a lot of chaos it doesn’t mean that you can just go and rage every single big zed you come across. In all honestly, Firebug can hold lane on his own without any problems unless there are few raging pounds coming at him at once. If you are staying with Demo your priority should be trash clean since most of the time Demo will be using upgraded RPG which makes only C4 and HX25 available for him. Don’t forget to make use of lockdown and zed plotion to make Demo life a bit easier when it comes to dealing with Scrakes and Pounds. In addition, you can get RPG by yourself to help him out with Pounds.

When it comes to sharing the lane with zerk or another survivalist it’s extremely situational but it worth mentioning regardless.

Sharing a lane with Berzerker: Zerk won’t get any Field’s Medic buffs plus your darts will heal him for a bit less health and slightly less frequently but in the return, he will get someone who is capable of stunning zeds or dealing significant damage to both trash and big zeds(depending on your weapons choice). But all of this healing potential is possible if you are using Medic training skills so keep that in mind.

Sharing lane with another survivalist usually ends up being him using some weird loadouts, using hemoclober, or him being away from the team and coming back with raged “friends”. It’s extremely rare to get a survivalist who knows his strengths and weaknesses and doesn’t play as “lone wolf”.

Step 3: Picking survivalist in the first place

Did this ever happen to you: you just joined a server and decided to play survivalist but you saw that your team already has one. So what should you do in this situation?

I would strongly recommend you not to go as a second survivalist cause usually your team loses either perk dedicated to big zed takedown, healing, and buffs giving or zed time extension. But if you still go and pick survivalist don’t forget that it might hurt you and your team in the long run.

Weapon Examine

Now after we discussed your role and placement let’s take a look at your loadout. As a perk that literally considered to be a “Jack of All Trades,” your loadout should reflect that but it also has to be effective against any type of zed.

Weapons for Trash Zeds


Oh boy, where do I even start with this one? It’s cheap, can provide great healing, has decent ammo pull and manageable recoil. The only downside of this weapon is its low damage output against some medium zeds(mostly gore fiends and husks) and large zeds.


Another great weapon from HMTech series that survivalists can and should be using. Great damage output against all zeds except Fleshpounds and Quarterpounds to some extend, decent ammo pull, and even better healing capabilities compared to 201 but in the cost of somewhat high recoil, high price, and medium weight. An overall solid choice for the survivalist.


Overall it’s more like a slot filler but it can be a great backup weapon if you happened to find it on the ground or started with it.

1858 Revolver

Same deal as with HMTech-101 but instead of having healing capabilities it has more firepower.

Desert Eagle

Classy, powerful, and reliable. What else should I add to this gun? Nothing.

Winchester 1894

A good old classic. It should be used against medium zeds like Husks, Gorefiends, Sirens, Bloats, and Gorefasts since any trash zeds will either die with 1 body shot at 1 headshot(except Rioter).

Dragon’s Breath

Trash destroyer but at the cost causing of chaos. Should be used if sharing a lane with Demo, Support, or Firebug but even then be careful with it. Also, its ammo pull might be an issue so make every shot count.

M16 M203

The simple concept of having good crowd control but with the price of not having healing capabilities and causing a bit of chaos. Use carefully and you will be good.

Utility Weapons


This weapon has 2 great utilities: parry and the ability to freeze zeds. Parrying/Blocking makes you a small-zerk who can tank for wounded teammates and freezing ability can be used to calm raged Scrake or even docile Pound. Overall extremely good weapon.

.500 Magnum

The main use of Magnum is pretty simple: to decap/kill any problematic zed like Gorefiend, Rioter, Bloat, Siren, or Husk since it has higher damage per shot than Desert Eagle. A solid backup weapon.


Higher cost and recoil, lower ammo pull than HMTech-401, and lack of healing darts make it a bit of a questionable choice but it will allow you to have both molotos and medic grenades at the same time. And the fact it can be parried with upgraded HMTech-101 makes it a bit of a supporting pick. Nevertheless, if you have spare money you can use it.

M4 Combat shotgun

Unlike Frostfang this weapon gives you solid damage per second over great utilities but it more effective against Scrakes in some situations than Frostfang although it should be used as a last resort against large zeds since pellet spread is an issue.

Double-barreled Boomstick

Same deal as M4: great against large zeds, has knockback mechanic that makes its user fly back after shooting and solid stumble power but again should be used as last resort against big zeds especially Pounds.

Mosin Nagat

This weapon seems really good on paper but in reality, it’s less effective but it has its benefits: solid damage per shot, ability to poke zeds with bayonet, and block/parry attacks. Overall it’s not the best pick but it’s not the worst either.


Mainly used to assist Sharp/Slinger with big zeds takedown. Also, alternative fire is quite effective against trash zeds.


Usually used to stun Scrakes or medium zeds. Overall pretty bad weapon.


A great choice for dealing with medium zeds and Scrakes to some extend. Also, it gets bonus points for its healing capabilities.

SPX 464 Centerfire

Heavier but cheaper .500 Magnum.


Since it has lower damage per shot and slower reloading speed makes it more like a supportive/utility weapon. The upside that its darts can deal solid damage and killing Scrake is extremely easy.


Ineffective against Scrakes but can be used to support Demo’s Fleshpounds takedown. Nothing much about it.

Weapons for Big Zed Takedown


This is the best weapon for killing big zeds. No other weapon can compete with Railgun. Want to help out or takedown big zed by yourself? Use Railgun. I can argue day and night that it’s the best weapon for bosses/big zeds takedown.


Railgun but worse. Lower ammo pull and ammo capacity, slower reloading speed and higher recoil just to deal 150 more damage per shot compared to upgraded Railgun. Not worth it in my opinion.


On paper, RPG-7 should be nearly as good as Railgun but in practice, it falls behind it for a few reasons. Firstly RPG-7 slower reloading speed makes Scrakes takedown way riskier than Railgun and to make full use of it against Fleshpound you have to hit his chest core which he protects after being raged. The only big zed RPG-7 on survivalist is good against is Quarterpounds.

Helios riffle

Again it’s more of a supportive weapon rather than an offensive one but at the very least survivalist can make smart use by combining lockdown stun and zed time reloading speed to seal the deal. Conclusion – situational weapon that has some potential but is too unreliable.

Recommended Loadout and Skills

Triple stun wonder

  • HMTech-201/Freezethrower/Upgraded Railgun
  • Skills: Tactical reload(Heavy weapons training after Railgun purchase), Medic training, Weapon harness, Spountaneous zed splotion, Lockdown.

Survival master

  • HMTech-201 then sell it for HMTech-401/Upgraded Railgun/Magnum
  • Skills: Tactical reload(Heavy weapons training after Railgun purchase), Medic training, Weapon harness, Spountaneous zed splotion, Lockdown.

Chilly tank

  • HMTech-201/Frostfang/Upgrainded Railgun
  • Skills: Tactical reload(Heavy weapons trainig after Railgun purchase), Medic training, Weapon harness, Spountaneous zed splotion, Lockdown.

Support wannabe

  • HMTech-201/(Upgraded Double-barreled boomstick/Upgraded M4/Upgraded HMTech-301)/Upgraided Railgun
  • Skills: Tactical reload(Heavy weapons trainig after Railgun purchase), Medic training, Weapon harness, Spountaneos zed splotion, Lockdown.

I want to be slinger

  • HMTech-201/ SPX 464 Centerfire/1858 Relover/Upgraided Railgun
  • Skills: Tactical reload(Heavy weapons trainig after Railgun purchase), Medic training, Weapon harness, Spountaneos zed splotion, Lockdown.

Survived medic

  • HMTech-201/Desert Eagle/Upgraided Railgun
  • Skills: Tactical reload, Medic training, Weapon harness, Spountaneos zed splotion, Lockdown.

Hemoclober Issue

There is a common trend for a lot of survivalists to run the RPG-7/Hemoclober combo. Let’s discuss this combo in the details. Those survivalists’ playstyle is “lone wolf”: they will be doing their own thing far away from the team and only coming back with their newest made “big friends”. Their skill choice is Heavy weapons trainig, Melee expert, Ammo vest, Spountaneos zed splotion, Lockdown. Are this playstyle and loadout is good for the team. Well, of course not.

In the long run, they are basically worse zerk who will just piss off big zeds rather than efficiently and quickly getting rid of them. So is hemoclober should be avoided by any means? Well, I have one build in mind that includes hemoclober which can make this weapon sort of “last resort” tool.

The build is: HMTech-201/Upgraided Railgun/Hemoclober/Magnum Skills: Tactical reload(Heavy weapons trainig after Railgun purchase), Medic training, Weapon harness, Spountaneos zed splotion, Lockdown.

In this loadout, hemoclober should be used when your team got overwhelmed by zeds and you need to get out of sticky situation alongside providing some healing and protection if needed. Again, I haven’t tried this build yet so It may not be worth running hemoclober if you are going to play as a team player.


And that's all for this Killing Floor 2 guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Killing Floor 2? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Scrake. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.