Days Gone

Days Gone – Temporary Fix Refuel/Repair/Sell Stacks/Buy Upgrades Issues

How to get your button press actually do something at merchants and mechanics.

What worked for me and fixed both merchants and mechanics

I also had the bug where holding the button did nothing and I thus couldn’t sell stacks, repair or refuel my bike at camps or equip bike upgrades.

What worked for me is simple, start the game and while in-game or in the menu unplug your controller then plug it back in again.

Not sure why but this fixed the input not being recognized by the game and allowed me to fully use mechanics and merchants as you see in these images.

I hope this helps you too, here’s hoping it’s not just a quirk that works on my configuration.

Steam and In-Game Controller Configuration

Here are my current two setups in case they influence this workaround.


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