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Genshin Impact – Things To Do at Dragonspine

Dragonspine map has finally arrived in Genshin Impact and players can now explore the new locations and discover new items and weapons. Apart from these, new quests and activities have also been added.

These new quests are the new challenges that Genshin Impact players need to complete. As usual, players will be receiving a lot of new rewards for completing these new Genshin Impact quests and world events.


Things To Do at Dragonspine in Genshin Impact


Do In The Mountains Quest

  • Complete the quest to unlock the new Domain called “Peak Of Vindagnyr”

Collect all Crimson Agate

  • Collect Crimson Agate to level Frostbearing Tree and get rewards!
  • After reaching level 8, do Crimson Wish to get more Agate!

Finish Festering Fang

  • Find and collect all Strange Tooth and get Dragonspine Spear as a reward.

Discover and explore Entombed City

  • Receive a new weapon, Snow-Tombed Starsilver.

Artifacts farming in Dragonspine

New Quests

Princeps Cretaceus (Albedo Story Quest)

  • Clear to unlock the new event, The Chalk Prince And The Dragon.

Finish New World Quests

  • 7 New World Quest has been added.

New World Events

The Chalk Prince And The Dragon

  • Receive Festering Desire from Albedo.

Lost Riches

  • Explore with Seelie for rewards.

Hypostatic Symphony

  • Fight powerful Hypostasis for rewards!

2nd Marvelous Merchandise

  • Give items in exchange for rewards!

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