Dust to the End – Vehicle Guide for Beginners

Check this guide to learn where to find the vehicles in Dust to the End. Discover the stats and price of each vehicle in Dust to the End.

In this Dust to the End guide, you will be able to learn some of the most important details about vehicles. Details such as the pricing and where to find the vehicles will be found here. Also, please note that this guide may contain some minor spoilers in the game.

Dust to the End’s Vehicle Guide


Handcarts are the first vehicle that you will be using in the game. This vehicle does not require any fuel and its movement is no faster than base walk speed. As you progress through the game, you will eventually see all of them. There are three handcarts in the game and all of them are helpful until you reach Desert Zone (Zone 3). However, it is not recommended to use them beyond the Dune Zone.

Dust to the End Handcart

The Handcart is the first cart that you will be seeing in the game. You can only get it from Border Town for 8,000. It is the cheapest and has the lowest maintenance cost per durability.

Dust to the End Trolley

The Trolley is the second cart that you will be meeting in the game. There are two locations where you can get it, in Eagle Town and Border Town. The price of the trolley is twice than the handcart as it is more durable compared to the first cart. It is highly recommended to only use it during emergencies or challenges.

Dust to the End Better Handcart

The Better Handcart is the largest cart that you will be able to acquire in the game. You can get it for 30,000 in Gobi Town, Eagle Town, and Kilgaso. It is the most durable cart and also the most expensive one. If you’re planning to use carts, then the Better Handcart should be your target.


The first fuel-powered vehicle that you can own in Dust to the End is the bike. Bikes are considered as the most fuel-efficient and fastest way to move around the map. However, bikes may also give you trouble because of its speed that you may accidentally run into a fight that you can’t win. However, it still depends on how you use it as this is also the most effective to outrun your enemies.

Dust to the End Moto Tricycle

This is the cheapest bike that you can get in Dust to the End. It is highly recommended to start saving money until you can afford this bike. The Moto Tricycle is only available in Eagle Town and Border Town. Moto Tricycle is way faster than the Better Cart and it can also carry more items. This is a must for the early game in your Dust to the End journey.

Dust to the End Modified Tricycle

If you love riding your Moto Tricycle but want something a bit better, you can try saving to get the Modified Tricycle. It can carry an additional 35% weight than the Moto Tricycle, but it consumes more fuel.  This vehicle can be purchased at Kilgaso and Turt for 100,000. This is a good option during the early-mid game in Dust to the End.

Dust to the End "Kiang" Motobike

The Kiang Motobike is the first of its class: a true motorbike with a single driver seat and unrivalled speed. It’s available at Eagle Town, Kilgaso and New Moon City. Unfortunately, it is a downgrade from the Moto Tricycle and Modified Tricycle in fuel efficiency per load capacity and load capacity in general. It is extremely expensive for when you first discover it both to buy and maintain (19/Durability), and in order to get the full benefit of it, you will need one for every party member.

Additionally, if a single party member gets severely injured, they won’t be able to drive and thus will slow down your entire caravan. It is only recommended to invest in this early on if you absolutely want or need the faster movement speed.

Dust to the End Sand Motorcycle

The Sand Motorcycle is a direct upgrade over the Kiang Motorbike, though probably not worth saving up for over the Kiang. It can be found in New Moon City and Zhou’s Company. It offers a generous 50% improvement to load capacity over the Kiang with a hefty speed boost as well (one of the highest in the game), but falls short with 50% more fuel consumption, buy price and maintenance cost (56/Durability).

Similarly to the Kiang, it suffers from only having space for a driver, meaning that severely injured party members in an all-motorcycle party will slow the caravan down. Not recommended for the same reasons as the Kiang.

Dust to the End "Vagrant" Motobike

The Vagrant Motobike is the first bike worth buying since the Moto Tricycle and therefore may be worth your investment end-game. It can be found in Ampton City, Dimore Town, Yin City and Zhou’s Company. It can carry almost twice as much more than the Sand Motorcycle, consumes a little less than twice as much fuel, can support a passenger and has the highest speed of any vehicle in the game.

Seriously, this thing is so fast it can run you into more problems than you avoid if you aren’t paying attention for even a second. It is, however, wildly more expensive than the Sand Motorcycle both to buy and maintain (300/Durability), meaning that you will need to be making a lot of money through carefully planned trade routes for these bad boys to pay off. If you’re going to run an all-motorcycle party, these can get it done and more.


Trucks are defined by having a generous amount of passenger slots and excellent load capacity but generally suffer from a high cost, expensive maintenance and awful fuel efficiency. Trucks are best for traders who like to buy and sell a lot of things at once, but usually demands a party equipped to deal with the few threats that might chase you down.

Dust to the End Car

Though not technically a truck, this is the first and only vehicle of a similar class you’ll find. Available in Kilgaso, New Moon City and Ampton City. It has excellent load capacity for a vehicle by the time you discover it, and a prepared player entering the Desert Zone may even be able to afford one off the bat.

It comes with a reasonable cost for its improvement over other vehicles by the time you find it, though the maintenance cost may be crippling for unprepared caravaneers (47/Durability). Only buy it if you’re desperate for an upgrade and don’t want to wait for the Pickup.

Dust to the End Pick Up

Speaking of the Pickup, this is the first vehicle that is true of this class. Available in New Moon City and Ampton City. It has roughly 30% more load capacity than the Car, can support an additional passenger and is only about 25% more costly in fuel. It is barely more expensive to buy and costs almost the same to maintain (50/Durability).

If you can get your hands on a pickup truck after entering the Desert Zone, you’ll find yourself outrunning almost all threats you come across until you reach the Wildlands. Definitely worth picking up one or two of these as they’ll make your money back and more.

Recommend you only enter the Desert Zone when you’ve saved enough money to get one, as all vehicles from the Gobi Zone except the Kiang will get easily run down by bandits, bug beasts and hyenas.

Dust to the End Scrap Truck

The Scrap Truck is much like the vehicle after it, but packing less bang in speed and load capacity in exchange for a much cheaper cost. Available only in Ampton City. It is faster than the Pickup and can carry over 65% more load, but uses more than twice as much fuel and is extremely expensive to buy and maintain (102/Durability).

It can outrun Wildlands enemies for the most part and it’s therefore recommended that you buy this early on. If money isn’t a concern, however, you should invest in the next tier up instead.

Dust to the End "Iron Ox" Pickup

The “Iron Ox” Pickup is perhaps the best vehicle of its class prior to the end-game. Available in Dimore Town, Zhou’s Company and Yin City. It has the same fuel efficiency as the Scrap Truck but slightly more load and speed.

It is, however, much more expensive than the Scrap Truck to buy and maintain (200/Durability), making it a good choice only for those who have figured out a good trade route in the Wildlands or have a decent mechanic. Recommended that you get this as soon as you enter the Wildlands to replace any Pickups or Cars you previously had if you can afford it.

Dust to the End Pioneer Truck

The Pioneer Truck is the best truck in the game. Available in Zhou’s Company and Yin City. It consumes almost twice as much fuel as the Iron Ox Pickup and is only as fast as a Scrap Truck but can carry twice as much load and seat one additional passenger than both.

It is, however, the most expensive non-unique vehicle in the game, and as of my current game I haven’t had a chance to test its maintenance cost though it is presumably very high (~500/Durability). There’s no reason not to get this if you were previously using Scrap Trucks or “Iron Ox” Pickups and you can afford it and don’t mind the slowness of a Scrap Truck.


Unique vehicles are classified by only appearing once in the game, either as part of a quest or at a specific city. Unique vehicles can typically fit into any of the other categories except for the fact they can only exist once.

Dust to the End Old Jack's Trolley

This vehicle holds a lot of records, though none of them is good. Available nowhere, but is instead a quest reward for completing the main quest “Creating Wealth”. It has half the load capacity of the Handcart and slightly lower durability, while technically costing half as much (since you need 4k to complete the associated quest) and being the cheapest to maintain (1/Durability). However, despite being awful, it may be a good idea to use this vehicle until you save enough money for a Moto Tricycle- and it still has a cool unique appearance.

Dust to the End Titan

This is what a real unique vehicle looks like, and you’ve probably seen it in a few screenshots. Available at Yin City. It is currently the only buyable vehicle in the game with the “Unique” tag. It is prohibitively expensive, and clearly only exists as an end-goal for players that end up with way too much money.

It consumes nearly twice as much fuel as the Pioneer Truck to run, carries almost twice as much load and can seat one additional passenger. It is more than 6x more expensive than the Pioneer Truck and is likely ridiculously expensive to maintain. I don’t think I could really recommend this unless you want some sort of end-goal or to show off to other players of the game.


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