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Dark Souls III – Damage Tank Build Guide

This guide is a damage tank build for the mid and late game that doesn’t focus on attunement, faith, and intelligence for anything and rather makes use of vigor, vitality, and strength. Dexterity is required by default to use weapons and endurance is just so you have a larger stamina pool. Do also make note that this build’s general stat scaling can support your early game, but is intended more for soul levels around 70-100+.

What is the Damage Tank Build I made?

It’s as it says, it’s a damage tank.

The stats and gear for the build (I’ll discuss more the gear in another section, also you may have to download the image and zoom it in, but I’ll list my stats in “Equipment”)

So for what purpose did I make a damage tank build?

Well, I didn’t make the build on purpose, rather it was an accident that happened when I decided to path for a tank and damage build and found a good combo of equipment just right for the ensuing stupidity I would bring forth through my play-through of the game.

What are the pros and cons of this build?

Pros- high damage, having over 60 strength is good, can take hits from strong pyromancy, sorceries, and miracles, can take on multiple people, 7-14 stamina per second regen so can fight continuously or roll often, health is extremely high, have a high chance to survive backstabs or riposts.

Cons- near 70% weight, slow swing speed (ultra greatswords are recommended for build), can potentially kill fellow invading spirits if hit by a large range of swords, can’t equip more weapons, can’t vary rings (maybe)


The equipment is listed down below:

  • Fallen Knight Set- I used this set to keep a low weight yet retain moderate defense and resistances.
  • Grass Crest Shield- gives 4 stamina regen per second and is used as an auxiliary tool unless to parry, not advised to block because of the chip damage.
  • Pyromancy Flame- not really needed, but can be useful to have Carthus Flame Arc if the weapon is buffable for some added damage if you already didn’t have enough.
  • Stamina Crest- necessary to the build normal is fine, but the +3 from the DLC is the best to go from a 7-10 stamina regen that can be stacked with Grass Crest shield for a total of 14 stamina regen per second.
  • Havel’s Ring- used to balance out lower the weight need to use Fume Ultra Greatsword, +3 is recommended to lower the weight as much as possible.
  • Ring of Favor- used for a general increase in hp and stamina and to increase equip weight, once again a +3 is recommended.
  • Estus Ring- due to having a large health pool the greater heal from the ring great helps to keep your hp topped off and keep you alive longer, can be traded out however for other rings.
  • Sun Princess Ring- absolutely not needed whatsoever for the build, but can help you in PVE or PVP if you don’t want to waste or use estus or have run out of estus even if it has a slow 2 health per second regen, I just wanted to make note of it.
  • Fume Ultra Greatsword- is what I recommend for the build because it has S scaling with strength at +5 and offers high damage even if not upgraded, the range of the sword is good and the charged two-handed attack can stun enemies in PVE not them back onto the floor giving you enough time to prepare a second charged attack.


  • Soul Level 139
  • Vigor- 46
  • Attunement- 11
  • Endurance- 19
  • Vitality- 26
  • Strength- 71
  • Dexterity- 26
  • Intelligence- 12
  • Faith- 10
  • Luck- 7


To use this build you do need high stats, use the image I put in the first section for a general idea of how to scale the stats, of course, this build functions best at sl 100+. But you can achieve damages around 750 on 2 handed light swings and a whopping 1260 on fully charged swings, and 500s on one-handed swings, one-handed fully charged swings are about 800. Why is the damage this high?

Well, the sword can achieve about 650 damage at +5, but it does have S tier scaling with strength so by having 71 strength and the S scaling I get a 100. My health is also high due to my +3 ring of favor and my 46 vigor giving me around 1400 hp and 1700 while embered. Stamina regen is high too, so I can out stamina people in most situations. Though keep in mind I only have as much faith and intelligence as I need to talk to Orbeck, use Carthus Flame Arc, and Chameleon, those points used there can be stacked elsewhere.

So what does this build excel at?

  1. Punishing mage builds that have low health (why eat magic when you can dodge it and make it eat one ton of stone?)
  2. Killing Gankers (every hit probably will make them need to use an estus and makes it really easy to hit someone because you can focus on one guy and then change immediately to another).
  3. Taking Hits (pretty hard to kill with 1400-1700 hp, even the most potent of backstabs can’t kill you).
  4. Killing stuff in PVE quick (750 damage per-swing kills pretty quick).
  5. Farming Man-Serpent Summoner Summons (just prepare a two-handed charged heavy attack as it summons and hit it when it becomes tangible and then do it again as it tries to get up and then finish it off with a light attack.)
  6. Can do follow 1-2 follow-ups (good for catching people off guard because they may not expect you to use a follow-up assuming you have very little stamina left or may not expect an ultra greatsword follow-up.
  7. The high dex allows for use of bows, crossbows, and great bows and has high damage (good for cheesing PVE or having an annoying secondary in PVP if you chose not to use Grass Crest).

Author’s Experience

This build, as stupid and plain as it is served me well, and made people mad. PVE wise I shredded enemies and destroyed bosses with staggeringly high damage. It might not be a ripost or backstab, but the damage was absurd. I remember one invasion within the ringed city in the swamp area near the steps, I was doing a 1 v 4 as an invader and was at very bad odds. I killed managed to survive and kill the 3 summons he fled and got 3 more summons, killed that round, 3 third rounds I died because I went up the steps and got cornered took them a while to kill me though due to my hp and because I was spamming roll.

To be honest, though I feel like the host of that server did deserve my stupidity, because usually I play friendly invader and offer to help the host by killing invaders and filling one of the 2 invader slots. So I tried to pledge loyalty and he tried to kill me when I did. Other times I did 1 v 1 and I was usually victorious.


And that's all for this Dark Souls III guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Dark Souls III? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Darkflamekiller. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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