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Neon Abyss Achievement Guide

100% achievement guide for Neon Abyss. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all Neon Abyss achievements, this one is for you.

Main Game

All of these can be unlocked on easy unless specified, but you may want to get used to playing on hard if you plan on 100%’ing the game. You will get most of these achievements by playing the game.

First Light – Defeat God of Darknet

Action Supremacist – Defeat Argus (God of Darknet) without picking up any items

  • You can pick up bombs and health and shields, but anything else is pretty much off the table for picking up. No guns or relics from the start of your run to the killing of this boss.

Natural Products – Defeat God of Machines

Pro Gamer – Defeat God of Machines without getting hurt

Stay Calm – Defeat God of Violence

Seek the Truth – Defeat Goddess of illusion

  • To get to the 8th floor, you need to get the purple token. It has a chance of spawning after you pick up a item from the Athena alter room. To get to the room you have 3 options that all result in the same thing, filling up the purple bar on the bottom right. This can be done by opening shop doors with crystals. Opening crystal chests. Clearing a room without getting hurt. If you get hurt in a room you will loose progress on the bar.
  • Once the bar is filled this message will appear. Head to a crystal and you should be able to teleport to a new area on the outskirts of your map. In that room, you can pick an item, and if you are lucky, the coin will spawn. If it doesn’t, there is no need to end your run, you can get multiple of these rooms on a run. Maximum 1 per floor, but you can start filling up the gauge for the next floor on your current one.
  • Take the token and kill Zeus. A portal should now open up taking you to the new 8th floor. This has to be done every time you want to go there.

I’m Fine – Complete a run without recovering any hearts

Safety First – Complete a run without getting hurt

  • I cant find a way to go back and re-do the first mission, so it may be best to get this and I’m Fine on a fresh save file on easy and doing the first boss.

The Real Game – Unlock abyssal difficulty

  • This one is a bit confusing, and I’m still not 100% sure how it’s done. When you select “Hard” difficulty you should see some dots above it. If don’t worry that’s what we will be working on getting. We need it to show 5 dots, and then complete a run on hard, and abyssal difficulty should unlock. Be cautious, it may not stay unlocked. How to get a dot? complete a run-on hard. How to lose a dot? Die on hard.

Ultimate Challenge – Defeat Goddess of illusion on abyss difficulty

  • Keep on restarting your run until you get a shop in the starting room so you can start building your purple karma points. and get the token fast along with a free item.


The rest of the achievements from this point onwards are going to be tiring to grind, and more fun to just play the game let unlock naturally. I will be including some tips in case you are specifically hunting one down.

Rugged Tenacity – Acquire 8 heart containers in a single run

  • Moldy hearts is what I think is a required upgrade to get this, you can also get a pet (peter) that turns regular hearts into moldy hearts, giving you more chances to get an extra heart container. There are items that give a single upgrade to health, that may take a while and be very rng dependant to find 8 of them in a run.

Shields Up! – Acquire 8 shields in a single run

  • Blue Doctor is an amazing pet to have, he will turn heart containers on the ground into shields, don’t pick any up for a floor and you should hopefully have 8, if not go to the next floor and try to not get hit and repeat until you got 8.

Grim Squad – Unlock 6 characters

  • There’s only 1 character per skill tree, each time they cost the same amount of 10 gems to unlock. There are a total of 10 (including DLC) to unlock.

Bug Squisher – Stepped on worms 999 times

Key Master – Opened 999 locked chests

  • The Vending machine presents in the shop, counts as chests. Going fishing is another great way of getting a ton of chests

I believe I Can Fly – Jumped 10 times in the air before landing

Burning Ground – Jumped 999 times

Abyss Veteran – Entered the abyss for the 999th time

Death Related Achievements

First Blood – Death is another beginning

Don’t Panic – Get killed by your bombs

Acrobatic – Get killed by your own bomb while in the air. (Medium or higher difficulty)

  • Throw the game on medium or hard, have enemies get your down to half a heart, stand in front of a wall, jump and nade it, you should kill yourself

Mind Your Steps – Get killed by environmental damage 9 times

Hi Death! – Died in the abyss 99 times

Eggs Related Achievements

Mom’s Love – Successfully hatch eggs 5 times in a row

Sad Eggs – Failed to hatch eggs 5 times in a row

Sovereign of Eggs – Get 50 eggs in a single run

  • Lots of reports of this one are bugged. There are a couple of methods to get so many eggs on a single run. You could try and find the item called “Knife and Fork” which increases the chance an enemy has to drop an egg if you kill them with melee damage (or a gun that does melee damage) and try and get 50 before they start hatching. Or, you can get a guitar gun with a perk that prevents eggs from hatching. try and play a run using only that and hopefully, you find 50 eggs along the way!

Mini-Games and Locked Rooms

Most of these rooms need to be unlocked, I’ll be listing what page and the cost for each.

Shopping Maniac – Empty 4 shops in a single run

  • You may want to hold off on upgrading the number of items the store sells until you get this achievement, you may end up making more work for yourself in the future.

Fishing Joy – Fished 10 times in the fishing room

  • Tree 3, 8 Gems, might want to bring some money, every 5 times in a row you successfully fish, the price and rewards go up. They reset if you make a mistake and go back down to 10 gold.

Piano Virtuoso – Complete the piano challenge 10 times

  • Tree 1, 4 Gems. Having more than one jump makes this less difficult.

Sherlock – Found 5 secret rooms in a row

  • Page 1, 5 Gems. It has upgrades on other pages that will allow secret rooms to be more visible on other floors, instead of just bombing random walls. There are also items in the abyss that will reveal secret room locations for you, if you get one of those, make sure to check every secret room you can.

Demolition Expert – Found 99 secret rooms

Born Gambler – Played the roulette machine 99 times

  • Tree 3, 5 Gems (upgrade beside it for 5 Gems). Any time you see this machine, play it, play the crap out of it. I have gone from a broke peasant with 10 gold, to a king with over 300

Dark trade – Made deals with Smirk Co. 99 times

  • There are five different vendors to unlock. If you really wanted to grind out this achievement, the coin vendor takes 10 at a time, but the egg vendor only takes 1, so you could try and stack eggs and coins and just keep on turning them in like no tomorrow.
    • Coin Counter: Tree 2, 5 Gems
    • Bomb Counter: Tree 2, 5 Gems
    • Heart Counter: Tree 3, 5 Gems
    • Key Counter: Tree 4, 5 Gems
    • Egg Counter: Tree 5, 5 Gems

Saturday Night Fever – Dance in the bar for 30 minutes (seriously)

  • Press E to dance at the club. Go make some cinnamon toast (guide coming soon). watch a tv show, just let the guy dance for 30 minutes.


And that's all for this Neon Abyss guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Neon Abyss? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Foozo. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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