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Crush Crush – Spending Tips and Strategies

This is a detailed guide to spending diamonds and money in Crush Crush. I’ll be going through everything for sale and making recommendations on how to spend free diamonds and money.

Things You Shouldn’t Buy

This section contains all of the items on which you should not spend diamonds. They aren’t worth a valuable resource like diamonds or your money.

Gifts and Dates

This is a game of waiting. If you can’t afford a gift or a date for a girl, you can put it off for a while. If you can’t afford something for more than a week, or simply have more time than you’re willing to wait, it might be time to Soft Reset and increase your multiplier.


If you’re a free-to-play player, there are far more valuable things to spend your diamonds on than outfits. If you are a paying player, you should wait for diamond packs to go on sale and include outfit sets. This happens a few times a year, usually around the time of the outfits. (Summer bikinis, winter vacations, etc.)

Skip Reset

Soft resetting is an unavoidable part of this game; there is no way to avoid it. You will never lose enough progress to be worth 30 diamonds. Simply soft reset, start over and build your Prestige Multiplier for free.

Time Skips

Pro tip: You can exit the game, set your system clock forward a week, and then re-enter the game to have another week’s worth of progress. Everything for naught. So don’t squander your diamonds on doing the same thing in the game.

Tip Blocks

It can be frustrating not to be able to do everything you want to do all at once. However, prioritizing and putting things on hold is a skill that this game requires of you. You eventually reach a point where you have an abundance of Time Blocks and can do everything you need to do at the same time. You can get to this point for free if you are patient. If you spend your diamonds on Time Blocks, you’ll end up with an unnecessary surplus and fewer diamonds to spend.

Things You Should Maybe Buy

This section contains all of the items on which you should think twice before spending your money on diamonds, as well as items that should only be purchased in specific situations.

Time Lord Bundle

The Time Lord Bundle can be found in the Bundle section of the shop, on the far right side. This is the only bundle that I do not fully endorse. This package includes a 7-day Time Skip, 15 Time Blocks, and an x8 Speed Boost. As previously stated, Time Skips are completely worthless because their effect can be replicated for free. Time Blocks and the Speed Boost are the only options left. Time Blocks quickly become obsolete as you obtain more of them, and while the boost is genuine, it ultimately saves you 80-120 diamonds if you try to max it out. If you’re new to the game, the Time Blocks in conjunction with the boost might be worth it. However, I cannot fully recommend this pack.

If you decide to buy it, keep in mind that the Time Skip occurs immediately. You should avoid doing so right after soft resetting. Do it instead when your progress is slowing and you’re about to soft reset or quit for the day.


If you just started playing or returned from a break, you may want to spend diamonds to get the previous event rewards, and then again after the event, you joined during. The rewards will eventually circle around, but it will take several months at the very least, and there is no set schedule.

However, if you care about Event rewards, you should check in every day to claim them rather than spending your diamonds. Save those for more important things.


I don’t recommend gilding in general. It’s a subpar version of Speed Boosts that only applies to one Job or Hobby and doesn’t even speed up the rate at which your Jobs level up. I will, however, make two exceptions.

If you intend to spend a lot of money on this game, gilding all of the jobs and hobbies will do a great job of increasing your money output and hobby speed when combined with a fully charged Speed Boost. This will cost you 280 diamonds, which is equal to $20. Gilding the Bundle jobs costs another 20 diamonds, which can be done with free diamonds or another $2.

Darya is the other notable exception. This girl costs $15, and several of her levels require you to have a certain number of gilded jobs or hobbies. This character comes with 50 diamonds and gives you a substantial amount for each new relationship level you achieve, so these gildings are not only required for advancement but also pay for themselves. In terms of hobbies, none are significantly more valuable than the others, but I will mention Sketching/Tenderness, Vigilantism/Mysterious, and Sky Diving/Lucky because you need 60 in these to reach Lover with Ayano far before you can reasonably expect to reach 60 in these. The stats required for the Love job are also viable options.

18+ Naughty DLC

If you are under the age of 18, do not purchase this DLC and proceed to the next section of this guide. Surely, this disclaimer will deter minors from reading about and purchasing this NSFW content.

If you’re of legal drinking age, this DLC is a letdown. It adds NSFW dialog, unlocks the Lingerie and Birthday Suit outfits, and converts the Lover scenes into “sex scenes” for the main girls. It also modifies a lot of Nutaku artwork to include nudity. The majority of the photos in Phone Flings will have nudity added, and the text will become more NSFW. Because this is applied retroactively, you do not need to restart the conversation to see the changes. There isn’t much added for the main girls. The nakedness gets old quickly, and the lingerie isn’t much more titillating than the bikinis available at the bottom. Two NSFW images, flavor text, and a single line of spoken dialog comprise the sex scenes. This is insufficient to get you started, and it becomes slightly repetitive when soft resetting and seeing them again and again. It does, however, vastly improve Phone Flings, which transform from mundane conversations with the occasional clip of undergarments into what is essentially sexting.

Overall, it’s a mixed bag that falls short of being enjoyably p#rn$graphic but still adds to the experience. It’s a worthwhile purchase if you’re of legal drinking age and want more content, or if you’re just curious about what an SFW game won’t show you.

Things You Should Probably Buy

These are items that are well worth your diamonds and/or money. If you want to spend money, these are the best options.

Speed Boosts

This is the most valuable item in the game. It simply accelerates everything. This multiplier is multiplied by your Reset Multiplier to give you incredible speed. For example, if your Reset Multiplier is x128 and you purchase the x64 Speed Boost, your total speed will be x8192. If you set your Reset Multiplier to x2048 and your Speed Boost to x8192, you’ll have a staggering total multiplier of x16,646,144. These are well worth the investment and will significantly reduce waiting times in the long run.

It’s also worth spending a few moments explaining how multipliers work. When you purchase a Speed Boost, it is multiplied by your existing Speed Boost. If you have a Speed Boost of x2 and purchase the x64 Boost, your Speed Boost increases to x 128. This means that for 400 diamonds, the cheapest way to max out your speed boost is to buy x64 twice and x2 once. ((64 x 64 x 2) x 2 =8192) The most expensive method is to buy x2 thirteen times, which will cost 520 diamonds instead.


The main goal of this game is to meet and woo waifus. As a result, one of the best ways to spend your money in this game is to woo new girls. The bundle girls come with perks like jobs, speed dating, and diamonds in Darya’s case, but these are secondary to the most important part: new waifus to woo and spend time with.


Regrettably, this game is a little pay to win. If you want to see all of the girls and/or the game’s ending, you’ll have to fork over some cash. Without Speed Boosts, beating the game will take an eternity, but the x8192 multiplier makes it possible.

Fortunately, the payment format allows you to spend money gradually rather than all at once. The overeager can probably spend $100 and get everything they want out of the game, but the patient can spend much more slowly and still end up in the same place.


Just to review, you shouldn’t buy:

  • Gifts
  • Dates
  • Outfits
  • Skip Reset
  • Time Skips
  • Time Blocks

You should think twice before buying:

  • Time Lord Bundle
  • Events
  • Gilding
  • 18+ Naughty DLC

And you should probably buy

  • Speed Boosts
  • Characters
  • Diamonds


And that's all for this Crush Crush guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Crush Crush? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by LuckyCat. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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