Paradise Lust

Paradise Lust – Jack’s Quest Complete Guide

Contains the following quests and how to complete them for the character Jack. This guide includes Explore the Beach, Explore the Boat, Get Some Rest, Check Outside, Explore the Resort, Girl by the Dock, Hooking Up, Spanking Clean, and Totally Not Exhibitionism.

Jack’s Quest Guide

Explore the Beach

Quest Description: Explore the nearby area.

  • Look for anything that might be useful.
  • Cath’s Hat can be obtained by clicking on the Hat, and the Backpack can be obtained by clicking on the Wreckage.
  • Go to the Wreck and look for Cath.
  • Interact with Cath in order to save her.

Explore the Boat

Quest Description: Explore the beached Moby.

  • Go to the Poopdeck to find out where else you can go on the ship.
  • Going up to the Bar (upstairs) will yield a Poster Piece and will start a minigame. You will receive two jars: an olive jar and a cherry jar.
  • Moving towards the Upperdeck (doors) unlocks the Bridge even more. Picking up glass shards, a water container, and a crowbar on the floor inside the Bridge will net you the following items: glass shards, a water container, and a crowbar. You can also assemble the tattered map by clicking on it, which unlocks the Map Function.
  • Moving towards the Gangway (downstairs) unlocks the Cabin Rooms even more. You’ll find your room, Cath’s room, and Gabby (crowbar required) in one of the rooms.

Get Some Rest and Check Outside

Quest Description: Head to bed in your cabin room.

  • Enter your cabin. This will allow you to use the Smartphone Function.
  • If you click on the bed to sleep, you will be woken up and asked to investigate what made the noise. Step outside.

Explore the Resort

Quest Description: Check out the Resort.

  • To get to the resort, use the Map function.
  • When you arrive, you’ll need to speak with Maria outside to unlock the Gas Tanks and the Lobby.
  • Head to the Resort’s Lobby to meet Karen, who will direct you to Erik. This will also allow you to access the Lagoon’s Radio Tower, as well as the Resort’s Hall, Pool, Balcony, and Basement.
  • You can find Erik in the Pool by going to the Hall (center roof) and then going outside. This will allow you to access the Resort’s Beach and Dock.
  • You’ll be asked to repair the Generator, which is located in the basement (exit sign in the Resort’s Lobby), which you can do by speaking with Gabby and bringing her to the Generator.
  • During the evening, you can also meet Raven on the Resort’s Balcony.
  • You can also speak with Karen to get a feel for her.
  • Go to the Resort’s Beach during the day to meet Reyna, and then to Rick’s house in the evening.

Girl by the Dock and Hooking Up

Quest Description: Help out another survivor & Learn how to Fish with Reyna.

  • Starts automatically when you speak with Reyna, who will ask you to assist her in her fishing expedition.
  • To begin a minigame, go to the Radio Tower in the Lagoon and click on the pile boxes on the left. In the Resort’s Gas Tanks location, you’ll find a Machete that can be used to cut down Bamboos.
  • When you talk to Karen for a Fishing Tackle, you’ll be prompted to complete another quest with Maria. The Rusty Lure will be your reward for doing so.
  • Return to Reyna with a Bamboo and the Rusty Lure, and the Fishing Activity will be unlocked.
  • Your first catch will be a Fish Fillet, which you can give to Karen.

Spanking Clean and Totally Not Exhibitionism

Quest Description: Clean your room! & Shower time!

  • To clean up your room, click on the strewn luggage on the floor. It takes 40 Energy to complete this task.
  • When you’re finished, a minigame will begin. When you complete it, you will be rewarded with Soap and will be able to begin the second part of the quest.
  • Head over to the Lagoon and take a shower by clicking on the waterfalls; this will give you some energy but will not advance the day.


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