Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to Fix Firing the Arrow Bug

Check out this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla) guide on how to easily fix the bug for the mission called Firing the Arrow where players need to interact with an NPC. If you’re one of the players who have been experiencing this bug, then this guide will surely help you.

According to a report on Reddit, this certain NPC is not appearing in the quest, which makes it impossible to continue with the story. Fortunately, we found a solution that will solve this Firing the Arrow mission bug. Below is the guide on how you can fix this issue in AC Valhalla.

Firing the Arrow

How to Fix Firing the Arrow Bug in AC Valhalla

To fix this issue, all you need to is to load an older save of the game. Please note that there are still lots of bugs that have been reported in AC Valhalla, and for this one, the only way that we know to solve it is by reloading an older game saves.

In case that reloading an old save data doesn’t fix the bug, you can also try restarting the game. By restarting, I completely mean that you close the game and then re-open it.

Firing The Arrow Quest Guide

Now that you already solve the bug, you can now proceed to the quest by speaking with Stowe in the West Market. There, he will tell you that you need a coin to join the archery competition.

Since you don’t have the coin right now, you need to go to the market and use your Odin’s Sight to mark the blue-tinted man. This man has a coin and all you need to do is grab it from him. There are a few ways to get the coin from this one, and the easiest is by smashing him with a sword and grab the coin. After taking the coin, proceed to the Londinium Amphitheater and speak with Hussa, show your arrow, and take him down.

And that’s everything you know on how to solve the Firing the Arrow mission bug. Are you still having the problem after doing the recommended solution mentioned above?


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