A Murmur in the Trees

A Murmur in the Trees Achievement Guide

100% achievement guide for A Murmur in the Trees. This guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

A Murmur in the Trees Achievement Guide


Kobe – Make all three shots.

  • Before interacting with the reporter who sits across from you to initiate the opening dialogue, grab a piece of paper from your desk and throw it into the bin to your left. Because there are only three pieces of paper available, you must score on all three in a single attempt to unlock the achievement ‘Kobe.’ If you can not get it the first time around, just start a new game to try again.


Found Some (Daytime) – Find 7 daytime flowers.

  • Flower #1 – After talking with your husband, check the path to your right to find the first flower next to the river.

  • Flower #2 – Before taking the uphill path, check the area behind the cottage to find the second flower.

  • Flower #3 – Look for the third flower in a small alcove next to the axe you come across.
  • Flower #4 – After crossing the bridge, take the right path and follow it to the very end to find the fourth flower next to the waterfall.
  • Flower #5 – After crossing the second bridge, look for an opening to the left to find the fifth flower.
  • Flower #6 – Just as you come across the fallen bridge, turn back and look for the sixth flower between a group of trees.
  • Flower #7 – Near the first ladder you climb to move on, look for a solitary tree slightly blocking an opening. Proceed into the opening to find the seventh flower.

  • Flower #8 – As soon as you pick up the plank, use it to cross the gap right behind you to reach the eighth flower.
  • Flower #9 – Use the same plank to cross the previous gap this time and look to the left of the fort to find the ninth flower.
  • Flower #10 – After using the plank to cross the fallen bridge from before and getting across, look for an opening to the left to find the tenth flower.
  • Flower #11 – As soon as you go into the tunnel, look for an opening to the left. Take it and look to your left for a side exit. Pass under the waterfall to get the eleventh flower.
  • Flower #12 – Still in the tunnel, this time look for a side exit to the right to reach a smaller area in which you find the twelfth flower.


  • Look around a bit more in the same area to find a single bullet resting on top of a crate. Pick it up to unlock the achievement ‘Bang’. This bullet is also needed for the final achievement.

Found ’em All (Daytime) – Collect all 14 daytime flowers.

  • Flowers #13 and #14 – Explore the backyard of the neighbor’s cottage to find the thirteenth and fourteenth flowers.

Note: As you make your way back to your car, your path crosses with two smugglers. The game can still be completed if you get caught by them but you get locked out of the final achievement since the bullet you find along the way is taken away from you in the following scene. So keep low, do not get close, take it slow, and wait for them to change places as you look for an opportunity to slip by.


Found ’em All (Final) – Find all 20 flowers in the game.

  • Flower #15 – As you follow the deputy, look for an opening to the left to find the fifteenth flower.
  • Flower #16 – The sixteenth flower can be found residing on the table in the sheriff’s cabin.
  • Flower #17 – The seventeenth flower lies directly on the path you take after leaving the cabin.
  • Flower #18 – After crossing the gap by way of a fallen log, look to your left to find the eighteenth flower.
  • Flower #19 – Following on from the previous one, search around the group of trees to your left to find the nineteenth flower.

  • Flower #20 – Get into the opening to your right that the game advises you to and look around to find the twentieth and the last flower.

Bang Bang

  • Look for an opening next to a bunch of crates at the back of the final area to find a hidden slope. Grab the revolver on top of the barrel. Assuming you also have the bullet from before, use the mouse wheel to cycle to the revolver and utilize it instead of the makeshift bombs to neutralize the threat to unlock the achievement ‘Bang Bang’.
  •  Mind that the game does not let you cycle to the said weapon if you have a bomb in hand (even if you get rid of it after picking the revolver up), so be sure to throw away the initial bomb you come into the scene with before picking it up (it must be an oversight). If that happens, you can quit to the main menu and click on the resume to retry from the beginning of the final area.

As a side note, the ending scene plays out the same no matter which weapon is used to overcome the threat.


And that's all for this A Murmur in the Trees guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for A Murmur in the Trees? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Erc. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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