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Shop Titans – Beginner’s Tips and Guide

Shop Titans is a store simulator with role-playing game elements from Kabam Games. You play as a shop owner who maintains a stock of items by creating and trading them to collect gold. Shop owners can form guilds and help each other progress through various events and game mechanics.

Character Creation

The appearance and outfit of the shopkeeper can be customized individually. The process includes choosing your gender, height, body weight, skin color, hair, hairstyle, and more. Sweatshirts, trousers (skirts), hats, bracers, shoes, and accessories are among the clothing options. In the future, you can change your appearance if you get tired of it. You can do this at any time.


The game mechanics are designed in such a way that the shopkeeper does not make various items on his own, but supplies the craftsmen with the necessary materials to create goods, and then the craftsmen make items for sale.

Item Selling

In the game, the trading process is implemented in 2 variants. This is the sale of goods in a shop or in a market in the city. Selling products to customers is the only way for store owners to gain experience and raise their status. However, selling goods on the market has its advantages. The market can be used to sell items like precious stones (crystals), which are the premium currency.


At the start of the game, pets will not help much. Pets give a certain amount of energy to the customer’s interaction with them. For example, a shop visitor strokes your cat. The amount of energy received per action will depend on the level of the animal.

You must level up your pet to level 40 in order to receive the maximum amount of energy per action (60 units of energy) when it is fed. If the animal is hungry, then you will only get half of the energy. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the pets are fed and satisfied.

What is Prestige

Prestige is the amount of decor that you have in your shop, but it does not affect anything at all. The only place where it is reflected is your position on the “Leader List” because of the prestige of the shop. You can open the list and see how the leaders of the table have arranged their stores.

Increasing Crafting Speed

Experienced players recommend starting with one item and crafting it until it reaches a gold rarity. You can set landmarks (the menu can be opened by clicking on the “i” icon in the lower right corner of the item) to gradually open improvements.

Shop and Market Selling Rate

Beginners are better off selling certain items in the shop, and some things on the market. Since there may be a shortage of gold at the start, as a result, it is necessary to produce all of the goods and sell them at the highest possible price on the market.


The game has a mechanic called “Loot”. These are special chests that you can get on adventures or for completing tasks. What will you get when you open the loot by clicking on the bag in the upper-left corner of the chest description?

The City

It is the joint capital of your guild. If you play solo, we recommend that you definitely join the community, since it is impossible to develop a city alone. After joining the guild, you need to invest resources in leveling the building on which the clan symbol stands.

In such buildings, you will invest 10% less money than when pumping a building alone. This is extremely profitable, especially if you increase your “Investments” (which are required to join a good guild).On the “Player Profile,” you can view your “Attachments.”

The Guild

It is required for the rapid pumping of city buildings. Each building (with increasing level) increases the speed of resource production and increases the level of the Master. And the masters, in turn, reduce the crafting time.

The Masters

The level of the Master can not exceed the level of his building. Each master has a special skill that gives a bonus to his structure. For example, Katarina the jeweler will speed up the creation of jewelry. To pump the Master as effectively as possible, go to the “Drawings” tab in his menu and see what items he will gain experience with. The picture below shows, for example, that Katarina and Allen will gain experience from crafting the Ancestral Totem shield.

Heroes Equipment

If you play without making real money in the game (Donat), then you will have big problems with gold at the start and, accordingly, with equipment, if you buy items above the usual rarity. Therefore, it is worth buying only things of ordinary quality. Then they dress up the heroes, and only then go to battle with them. So you will save a huge amount of gold, and you will be able to insert certain runes and spirits without much cost.

The King

The King’s visits are different from the “King’s Whims” event. A visit is a one-time visit by the ruler to your shop (the picture above shows the official instructions for visits). When the king appears in the store, you can track the approximate time of his next visit. Basically, the king will visit you in 24 hours. Remember that you must have free slots (seats) for visitors, which means that your counter must have a place for the Lord’s guests, and so on. If there is no room, he will turn around and leave.

If the king doesn’t come after 24 hours, he can visit you in the next 24 hours at any time. But according to the observations of experienced players, the Highness comes in exactly one day. If 24 hours have passed, and you have not entered the game, then the king’s visit can be tracked by 3-4 defenders, who will appear in turn in the shop.

The Lordship chooses any random item, from green to epic quality. Simple things do not interest him. It is necessary to take into account the fact that he will choose an item that you have on display, which you can approach. If the shelf is obstructed, the Majesty will not approach it and will instead select another product from the available options.

Earning Crystals

The first resources that your teams can get on the adventure are wood, cones, and mushrooms. If there are no problems with the first two materials, then the mushrooms are often bought at auction by beginners (since they have tasks for crafting items from them). As a result, you should make an offer on the market (if you’ve been playing for a while and have this resource available) and include the cost of crystals. Here, we are counting on the inexperience of new players who may, by mistake, buy mushrooms for crystals.

You should make an offer as follows: you need to set the sale time for the maximum period and at the maximum price (2 crystals). As a tax, you will have to give up one stone. Why should I set the time to the maximum? There is such a thing as a queue in the market. For example, you are not the only one who wants to sell mushrooms. If you eat your mushroom, and another player puts the mushroom behind you for a minute, then you will only have a minute to sell it.


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