Watch Dogs: Legion – All Pig Masks Locations

Watch Dogs: Legion gives you a lot of options to customize your characters. One of the cosmetics that you can equip on these characters are the pig masks. These pig masks are quite interesting as it is one of the featured masks in the official Watch Dogs: Legion poster.

If you’re wondering where to find all the pig masks in Watch Dogs: Legion, we are here to guide you to its locations.

All Pig Masks Locations in Watch Dogs: Legion

There’s a total of 5 pig masks in the game. 4 of these pig masks can be acquired anytime that you want, while the other one can only be acquired as you progress in the game.

Gold Paper Pig Mask

The first mask that we’re about to tell you is the Gold Paper Mask that can be found on a terrace at Embassy Garden in Nine Elms. Using a cargo drone, fly to the terrace of the Embassy Garden.

Black Paper Pig Mask

The second mask is the Black Paper Pig Mask that can be found in the safehouse at The Earl’s Fortune in the City of Westminster. The mask can be found inside the suitcase near the ctOS console.

Pink Paper Pig Mask

The third pig mask is the Broca Tech Mask that can be found inside the restricted area of Broca Tech in the City of Westminster. It’s just a few blocks away from the safe house where you found the Winston Pig Mask.

Pink Pig Mask

The fourth pig mask is located in the City of London at The Roberts & Scott Hall. Just enter the hall and proceed the locked door with tarpaulins. Find the hole on the left side of the door and deploy a spider bot to crawl and find the pig mask.

Black Pig Mask

Black Pig Mask

Last but not least is the pig mask that can only be acquired as you progress in the story of Watch Dogs: Legion. All you need to do is to attend the DedSec Party and you will receive the mask as a reward for completing the mission.


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