Vivid Knight

Vivid Knight – Witch’s Maze 7 Strategy Guide

This guide will help you win and complete the Witch’s Maze 7, the final boss in Vivid Knight.

Witch’s Maze 7 Strategy


  • Early Synergies: Knight, Brown, Plum, Blue
  • Late Synergies: Green, Orange
  • Final Units: Forest Mage Sphene + Another Healer + 4 Gold Units (all level 2 if possible)
  • Items: Any Ring + Any Necklace + War God Earrings (+5 Attack when targeted) or Aegis Earrings (No damage penalty on Shielding)
  • Spell Gems: 5 Gold Shields. Thorn > Agito > Arcane > Iron. Required for the final boss.


  • Get a Healer early to sustain.
  • Fill Spell Gems on Floor 2, 6 (Silver), 10 (Gold) (Note this will be different on lower Witch Maze Levels).
  • Pick any spell gems on floor 2 + 6, save your crystals for floor 10 and make sure to get 5 shields (floors will be different at lower witch maze levels).
  • Do not reroll Alchemist at all until you have unlocked all character slots! (gives you more room for keeping characters and gives you more power early).
  • Never take events with penalties.
  • Sell level 2 units except for your 2 healers and gold units. (or keep for a boss fight then sell if you are lacking power).
  • Do not try for level 3 units.
  • Make as many synergies as possible, prioritize early game synergies above until you feel powerful then start prioritizing late-game synergies.
  • Avoid Magitech Golem Boss (Restart if he is your boss).
  • Pretty much fully explore the floors.
  • Shield every turn past floor 10.


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