Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition Achievement and Collectibles Guide

Here’s how you can get 100% achievements for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition. Also, you will be getting the guide for the collectibles and some general tips for the game.

General Tips

  • You can get all achievements in one save. The only missable achievement is Continue or Die, so watch out for it if you want to get them all in one save.
  • You don’t need to complete a level to save changes. Any experience and collectibles that you get will be saved at the moment you get them, so if you missed a collectible you can quickly get it and get out of the level without completing it. This does not extend to progress though, if you leave the level and enter again, you’ll start in your last saved place.
  • Experience is shared between characters. This way you can grind experience using your level 20 Travis and use it to level up your lvl. 1 Bad Girl, for example.
  • There’s a total of 4 playable characters, 2 available from the start (Travis and Badman) and 2 unlockable (Shinobu and Bad Girl). Shinobu has the same stats as Travis, both having the longest range and fastest hits. Bad Girl has the same stats as Badman, both having the largest amount of health (though Bad Girl’s secondary attack is different from the rest). You can use whoever you like really, it doesn’t make that much of a difference.
  • Buguros are a special type of enemy, appearing as flying colored skulls with tails that run away upon seeing you. There are different types of Buguros that give different types of rewards (Health, money, etc), but they all give you 300 exp per kill, so always target them to make the max level achievements a bit easier.
  • Badman Strikes Back is a visual novel-styled story mode similar to Travis Strikes Back, showing Badman’s backstory. It’s available by interacting with Badman’s car. It’s not necessary for any achievement and the game doesn’t even tell you about it, but It’s p good so if you liked TSB I suggest that you give it a go

Story Related Achievements

Death Driver – Unlock all Achievements

  • What we aim to get.

Electric Fortress – Defeat Electro Triple Star

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Life is Destroy – Get the Life is Destroy Death Ball

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Suburban Nightmare – Defeat Mr. Doppelganger

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Coffee & Doughnuts – Get the Coffee & Doughnuts Death Ball

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

The CAD Murder Case – Defeat Brian Buster Jr.

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Golden Dragon GP – Get the Golden Dragon GP Death Ball

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Champion Tiger – Defeat Smoking King

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Killer Marathon – Get the Killer Marathon Death Ball

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Project AAA – Clear “Death Drive”

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Serious Moonlight – Get the Serious Moonlight Death Ball

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Wild Eight Hearts – Defeat Eight Hearts

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Just One Wish – Revive Bad Girl

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

CIA – Get the CIA Death Ball

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

The Lambs of Silence – Defeat White Sheepman

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Return of the Hero – Reach the ending

  • Story related, can’t be missed.

Killer Marathon BEYOND – Get the Killer Marathon BEYOND Death Ball

  • Not really a part of the main story, so I guess I should explain it. Once you finish CIA and see the ending, Shinobu will appear in the trailer. Talk to her to see more credits, unlock her as a character and unlock the final Travis Strikes Back scenario. Complete the Travis Stikes Back ending and you’ll unlock Killer Marathon BEYOND and this achievement.

The Lonely Long Distance Runner – Defeat Silver Face

  • Silver Face is the Killer Marathon BEYOND boss, and so the final boss of the whole game. He’s not only the hardest boss in the game but he’s also got the hardest-hitting song in the whole OST. Anyway, just defeat him as any other boss and you’ll get the achievement.

Finally… – Bring back Bad Girl

  • Once you defeat Silver Face, just keep watching the cutscenes and you’ll unlock the achievement.

Be Gentle, ‘K? – Get yelled at in the tutorial

  • Just speak to Death and Drive and complete the tutorial.

Ready to Rock – Save on the toilet

  • As per tradition, toilets are the save points in this game. Just use one for the first time and you’ll get the achievement.

Philosophy of Fashion – Change T-shirts

  • While in the trailer, you can use Travis’ PC and use the coins you’ve gathered through the levels to buy shirts for both him and Badman. Just buy one and use it. You can get this achievement as soon as you beat the first level.

Tag Match – Play Co-op

  • You can get this achievement as soon as you start to play. Just plug in a controller, go to the pause menu, select co-op, and start co-op mode.

Parent-child Bond – Play Co-op using Badman and Bad Girl

  • Pretty much the same as before, but this time you’ll have to use Badman and Bad Girl. Just go to character select in pause menu after activating co-op and select them. While Badman is available from the start, you’ll have to beat Killer Marathon BEYOND to unlock Bad Girl.

Master and Pupil Team – Play Co-op using Travis and Shinobu

  • Pretty much the same SAME as before, but this time you’ll have to use Travis and Shinobu. To unlock Shinobu you’ll have to beat CIA and then talk to her in the trailer.

Lucky! – Get a life from a HAZRE box

  • HAZRE boxes are those little cardboard boxes that you’ll see through the levels. There’s no way of knowing which ones contain a life, so just break them and you’ll eventually get one.

Bitter and Delicious – Defeat all bosses on Bitter difficulty

  • The game has 3 base difficulty levels: Sweet (Easy), Mild (Normal), and Bitter (Hard), you’ll just have to defeat every boss on Bitter (Yes, even Silver Face). You don’t need to start a new save file, since the difficulty can be easily changed at all moments from the pause menu (Except when you’re in the middle of a boss fight). Note that you only have to defeat THE BOSSES, NOT THE ENTIRE LEVELS AND EVEN LESS THE WHOLE GAME.

Stimulating! – Defeat all bosses on Spicy difficulty

  • After beating the game once, you’ll unlock an even harder difficulty: Spicy. Just beat every boss on Spicy and you’ll get it. Note that beating everyone on Spicy won’t give you the Bitter and Delicious achievement, you’ll have to beat every boss on both Bitter and Spicy to get them.

Combat and Leveling Achievements

Pinfall – Deliver a finishing blow with Travis

  • After you deplete a boss’ life bar, your character will execute a final and actually, an unnecessary movement called finishing blow, in which the game will ask you to move your stick or mouse in a certain direction. Each finishing blow move is unique no each character, so everyone has their own achievement. Just defeat a boss using each character and you’ll be good. Note that you don’t really need to use the said character for the whole fight, as long as deal the final attack with them you’ll deal their finishing blow. For example, you can fight Smoking King using Travis and, when he’s just one hit away from being defeated, change to Shinobu and attack him, and so you’ll deal her finishing blow without actually fighting him.

Out of the Park Homerun – Deliver a finishing blow with Badman

  • See the Pinfall achievement.

Clear and Lucid – Deliver a finishing blow with Shinobu

  • See the Pinfall achievement.

Out of the Park Brawl – Deliver a finishing blow with Bad Girl

  • See the Pinfall achievement.

The Main Man – Get Travis up to Level 20

  • This is the set of achievements that’ll make you the most time. Just so you get an idea, beating the whole game and repeating a couple of levels leveled my Travis to lvl. 17-18. Of course, the latter levels’ enemies give more exp than those in the first ones, but it’ll still take you some time. The best place to grind experience is the 64th floor in Golden Dragon GP: It’s easy, short, has 3 Buguros (and 1 more if you use the cheat code at the end of the floor) and you can repeat it as many times as you want without leaving for the trailer. You can get roughly 2000 exp for each floor cleaning if you kill every single enemy.

Grand Slam – Get Badman up to Level 20

  • See The Main Character achievement.

Hands Down – Get Shinobu up to Level 20

  • See The Main Character achievement.

Peak Condition! – Get Bad Girl up to Level 20

  • See The Main Character achievement.

Rookie Debugger – Defeat over 1,000 bugs

  • See Legendary Debugger.

Veteran Debugger – Defeat over 5,000 bugs

  • See Legendary Debugger.

Legendary Debugger – Defeat over 10,000 bugs

  • It may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t. You’ll get Rookie Debugger and maybe Veteran Debugger by beating the main story and the DLC, while you’ll eventually get this one by grinding. Even if you don’t, you can always search for Soderbugs on the GDGP floor to get it.

ADVENTURE! – Defeat all bosses with Rank S or above

  • See Feel the Wind

Feel the Wind – Defeat all bosses with Rank SS

  • To get an SS rank you must defeat the boss in minimal time (Around 1 minute), take minimal damage (Some say that less than 50, but once I took around 100 damage and still got an SS rank, don’t know if that has to do with difficulty or smth) and not revive. If you’re having trouble, you can play on Sweet difficulty to make this a complete breeze, since this doesn’t require a specific difficulty.

Continue or Die – Clear the game without using continues

  • This is the only missable achievement. It is what it says: complete the game without using revives/lives. If you use life and save the game, you’re screwed and won’t be able to get the achievement. If you accidentally use a life, close the game and start it again. You’ll have to continue from your last save but you won’t miss the achievement.

Shooting Star – Score over 20,000 points playing “Death Drive”

  • See Comet Hunter

Comet Hunter – Score over 50,000 points playing “Death Drive”

  • In Killer Marathon, instead of a normal level, you’ll have to play through an Asteroids ripoff called Death Drive. The first time you’ll beat it after 3 rounds, but every time you play it after that it’ll have infinite rounds. Your goal is to score 50000 points, which you can achieve by destroying those little, limited stars that appear every round (Around 100 points each), the missiles that start chasing you after round 2 (Around 200 points each), or just destroying bosses. You can continue playing through the rounds to make it more dynamic or just grind missiles in one of the first rounds, do as you please. You’ll die if you take one hit, but you start with 2 lives and you’ll get 1 more every 11000 points that you score or so, so it shouldn’t be difficult, just time-consuming.

Firestarter – Pull off a rocket start in Golden Dragon GP

  • To pull off a rocket start in the Golden Dragon GP races, you just have to press the accelerate button at the same time that the announcer says “Start!”. If you pull it off, you’ll get a little boost and the achievement.

Collectibles Related Achievements


There are 5 types of collectibles: Skill Chips, Ramen Stalls, Secret Characters, Azteca Stones, and UE Logos. UE Logos are not needed for the achievements and Azteca Stones are just relevant in Killer Marathon, so you can skip them if you want to. The walkthrough section shows where every single collectible is, so if you just want a video guide go there.

Skill Chip Lover – Collect all Skill Chips

  • Skill Chips are special collectibles that give our characters special abilities. There’s a total of 28 skill chips, 7 of them being given after defeating each boss, 1 of them given by saving Jeane in every level, and the rest being dispersed through the game. The walkthrough section already shows every skill chip location, but I’ll leave this video here anyway.

Cat Detective – Find Jeane in all locations

  • After beating Life is Destroy, Jeane will send you a fax (yes, the cat will send you fax) saying that she’s trapped in Electric Thunder Tiger II and describing the place where she is. Every time that you complete a level, Jeane will send you fax saying that she’s in the previous one, and you’ll have to find her and interact with her. Jeane can only be available at one level at the time though, so you can’t save her in Life is Destroy if you haven’t already in Electric Thunder Tiger II, for example. Jeane’s current location will always appear in the pause menu.

One more thing: It’s been wrongly assumed by many people that you can only save Jeane on the 64th floor of Golden Dragon GP if you appear in the room with the three coins. You can also save her if you appear in the room with the two coins. I haven’t been able to get to her from the first and fourth rooms though. Here’s a map of the GDGP floors, and here’s how you can get to Jeane from each room:

Full-on Gourmand – Visit all Ramen Shops

  • Ramen shops are special places where you can recover full HP for one time. There are 2 shops per level and most of them are easily spottable, if not in the middle of the way, so it’s really hard, almost impossible to miss them. There are only two that you may miss: one in Coffee and Doughnuts, which requires you to cleanroom #101 and then head to room #303, and the one in GDGP, which you can see in the layout in the achievement above this one.

For every Ramen Shop location, see the walkthrough section.

Need for Approval – Like all Ramen Blog posts

  • The Ramen Blog is a site that you can access via Travis’ PC. Each time you use a new Ramen Shop, their respective ramen will get a page here, where you can give a thumbs up to show your love for ramen. Just get every ramen shop and then give a thumbs up to every page to get the achievement.

For every Ramen Shop location, see the walkthrough section.

In the Know – Read all faxes from K

  • K is a mysterious character that’ll send faxes to Travis and Badman as they progress through the games. There are 18 K faxes, 3 per level (CIA and Killer Marathon BEYOND don’t have any). In each level, one of the faxes is given by completing it, while the other 2 are given by using the cheat codes. Killer Marathon doesn’t have any cheat code, but it still has 3 faxes: after you beat Killer Marathon BEYOND, an invisible bridge connecting the main path and the one with the Azteca stones will appear. You have to use the bridge to get one of the faxes and get the two Azteca stones to get the other. Some images of the bridge:

For the secret characters’ locations, see the walkthrough section or the achievement below.

You’ve Got the Moves! – Use all cheat codes (except fakes)

  • Every time you get a death ball, you’ll get an archive showing some info about the game and places where you can use cheat codes (like an old videogame magazine). These cheat codes figure as “Secret characters” in the stats menu since a little 8-bit character appears every time you use one. There are two cheat codes per level: the first one gives you full health, while the second one spawns a Buguro, and both can be used only once per visit.


And that's all for this Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Lyncalavera. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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