The Longing – Moss World Overview and Guide

This guide shows the location of moss clumps at the primary harvesting sites, and the growth rate of each, as observed by this Shade, during their time underground. We called the area “Moss World.”

Moss World Overview

Because all moss clumps located around Crystal Lake require 14 days between harvests, they are not included, being less bountiful. Nevertheless, if another person is interested in exploring the area around Crystal Lake, they will find a total of 6 clamps. With your harvesting rhythm, the excursion to Crystal Lake may be convenient after gathering the 2 clumps at MWR2-1 and MWR1-1, as they also require 14 days’ growth before they can be harvested again when a shade wants to utilize every available clump of moss.

And yes, just like your artwork, once you learn how to weave moss carpets, each moss carpet will hasten the clock, while you are in your cave home. This Shade noticed that time was still being hastened by each new moss carpet, even when the time was 1 second IRL time = 55 seconds game time.

To fully cover the floor in your cave home, it will require about 720 moss clumps, which you make into 60 moss carpets: moss can be laid over some, but not quite all, of the stairs in your home. This shade was happy they were already collecting all the moss clumps available before they knew about making moss carpets, as once the instructions were found, they already had enough to fully cover one level of their home and a few more for the other rooms. You can even carpet your little mushroom farm with no negative effect on the harvest.

NOTE: We did not resize the screenshots, preferring to show the entire room in each situation, so whilst you can see the moss clump locations easily enough in thumbnail view, you will have to open them up to full view, and then click the magnifying glass, to be able to read the pertinent information.

Moss World Room 1 is 3850p x 754p; Moss World Room 2 is 3245p x 861p. All times displayed are game times!

1 minute of IRL, human time is only a fraction of the game time while you’re in your cave home. When you leave your cave home, however, time spent exploring the underground moves at the same rate as IRL, human time. Very quickly, this Shade discovered when they were home, they were living 24 hours game time for each hour of time!


And that's all for this :THE LONGING: guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for :THE LONGING:? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Eternalreturn. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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