Super Animal Royale – Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Check out this beginner’s guide and learn how to survive and win in Super Animal Royale. Discover the basic gameplay, survival tips, and more. If you’re one of the players who have been dying in just a few seconds after the game starts, this guide might help you survive.

Super Animal Royale Beginner’s Guide

Super Animal Royale is a battle royale game starring 64 murderous animals that want to tear you limb from limb. (not really). And let’s face it, you WILL NOT win your first match. If you do, you are a god or the other 63 players were all bots. The game starts when your inside of some weird eagle, then you drop on the map with your pickup keybind. (default is E).

Super Animal Royale Map

You must find a weapon and pick it up with the pickup button, for you to use it you must use your attack keybind. (default is left mouse button). Go ahead and try to shoot something. The default keys you use to move are W, A, S, D and the space bar.

You can’t start murdering everything without moving right? Now let’s talk about super jump rolls. This is a thing that all players must know. All you do is press the keybind. (Default is space bar).

It will make your character jump then roll on the ground, it also increases your speed. (for a split second.) Timing jump rolls is key if you jump as soon as you land you will get a 10% jump boost. You always move faster with your sword, not your gun. So if you don’t think you can handle a fight, just jump out! (with your sword). There are four weapon slots. The first and second are for guns, the third is for your close-range weapon, and the fourth slot is for grenades.

Picking up armour can also help absorb some damage so you don’t die instantly. Armour is picked up with the pickup key. Healing items (besides the coconuts scattered across the dessert) will instantly be picked up if you are close enough. (the default bindings for switching your weapons are 1,2,3,4, and your mouse wheel)

Inventory Limitations

  • Health juice max: 200
  • Super tape max: 5
  • Extra assault rifle / magnum ammo: 90 rounds (max)
  • Extra sniper ammo: around 30 bullets. (max)
  • Extra shotgun ammo: 30 shells (max)
  • Extra smg / pistol ammo: 120 rounds (max)
  • Extra BIRD AMMO?: 25 birds (max)
  • Extra poison darts: 30 (max)

All the extra information for weapons can be found in your inventory. Things like bullet speed and whatnot. ( i is the default keybind to open it) Hover over a weapon/item with your mouse with your inventory open to learning more about the item.

Super Animal Royale Inventory

Grenades! (And bananas)

Here we cover the world of grenades, but there are only three, plus one of them cant hurt players directly.

  • Grenade: Throw it and wait for it to EXPLODE! You will die if you are caught in a direct blast. You can hold up to four grenades.
  • Super skunk bomb: A grenade that creates a toxic gas that damages foes. You can hold up to five super skunk bombs.
  • Bananas!: This is a grenade that creates a banana peel when it lands. It’s used to trip foes, leaving them weak and open to all gunfire. You can hold up to ten bananas…


Alright, you cannot see through objects. Every item and enemy that is in a shadow cannot be seen. The lighting works as if you’re a light bulb.

Super Animal Royale

You can use this feature to your advantage and approach the enemy from an unexpected angle! Or to pull off an unexpected sneak attack!

This game also has a “safe zone”. A weird toxic gas that I guess Super animals cant breath in.

Super Animal Royale

Don’t go in the gas unless you want a slow and painful death. It’s also a good idea to not go into spaces with only one exit of you know someones nearby. Always go into spaces with more than one exit if you need to heal or reload. However this does not always work, sometimes you need to trap yourself and camp if you’re in good condition and waiting for the attacker to follow.

Camping, however, can backfire. I don’t lose to a camper most of the time. If you think someone is camping, gain some distance so they cant hit you with a shotgun or something. Or throw a grenade behind the corner, and get your weapon out when they flee. Make sure you have enough space to dodge enemy fire as well. It’s hard to make a tight squeeze escape for me, and I often die while I try. Also, give teamers no mercy. It’s an offence to the team.


In some time in early development. The devs added items. Things you can pick up that don’t go in your inventory slots. These items can give you a huge advancement if used at the right time. I don’t have screenshots of these, but I can describe them.

  • Upgrade, a golden cup allows you to drink health juice faster, so if you’re lost in the gas, this is a power-up for you.
  • Banana forker, a knife and fork item that allows you to eat bananas people drop on the floor for health. It honestly has no use unless a nearby enemy has bananas.
  • Ninja booties, these black boots make your footsteps silent if your sneak button is pressed, (default is left CTRL).
  • Super skunk gas veil, some sort of tube with a green fluid that inflicts damage over time when you hit someone with your close-range weapon.
  • Claw boots, these green boots with claws cut any grass you walk on, grass has a chance in dropping things like ammo and health juice.

Loot Spots and Rarities

There are four ways loot can spawn, you can find it on the floor, in chests or mole crates, or they drop from an enemy when they die.

Super Animal Royale

There are also five-item rarities, Each one determines the stats of the item.

  • Grey: The lowest rarity in the game, weapons here do low damage.
  • Green: A slightly more powerful rarity, guns here don’t do much damage, but its better than a common weapon.
  • Blue: This rarity is maybe one of the best for starter game, weapons here do a moderate amount of damage, but you can still improve.
  • Purple: This rarity is what you need to survive, guns here most of the time have increased bullet speed, more ammo, and huge damage, this is also the rarity silent pistols start to show up.
  • Yellow: The most POWERFUL rarity in the game, items in this rarity can only be found in molecrates or enemies that have searched the molecrate. This rarity is when the minigun appears. It can hold up to 100 rounds in a single clip. The sniper and minigun make your move super slow, so don’t hold them 24/7. Unless you want to pull off tricky snipes or mow down a whole squad of enemies.

Weapon Perks

The weapons in the game are not just simple weapons as they can be equipped with perks that can be useful for your survival.

  • Sniper: Deletes all of the enemies armour. You won’t take any damage from this thing EVEN IF you have only lv 1 armor. This also is the same as the hunting rifle and magnum.
  • Poison dart gun: This weapon goes straight to the health, it ignores armor and deals damage over time. The hamster ball will also ignore armor, resulting in one-shots.

Killing Enemies

If you are ever in a fight and you have the same level of armor and you are in a cramped space, you will kill an enemy faster with an SMG. Armor loses health if its hit by any kind of bullet, (excluding poison darts) And this is better with a high rate of fire weapon because it will shred through the enemy’s armor faster, and you will start attacking the health sooner than your opponent.

Keyboard Bindings

For those who are still not familiar with the controls, here are the default controls in Super Animal Royale.

Super Animal Royale Keyboard Controls

That’s all for today’s Super Animal Royale guide! We would like to thank Content OwO’d for this beginner-friendly guide for Super Animal Royale.


And that's all for this Gaming guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Gaming? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Brian Haynes. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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