Stoneshard – Beginner’s General Tips and Guide

This guide will give you some tips that you should definitely remember in Stoneshard. This is currently our best guide dedicated to players who are just getting started in the game.

Stoneshard General Tips

Familiarize yourself with the controls Before you do anything, check the control options to see what you can do and what key bindings there are. Change them to whatever fits you the most. The game allows you to interact with the environment and move with your mouse. However, situations might come where you want to move but accidentally click on and pick up the loot on the ground instead. This CAN and WILL KILL YOU!! So if you want to move around during combat, I highly suggest using the keyboard for precise movement.

Which building should I visit? The easiest skill path to pick up when you are new to the game is Pyromancy. It has a decent range, good damage, and will teach you how to kite enemies. The most difficult aspect will be geomancy, which has a slow ramp-up and requires a good understanding of the game’s mechanics to pilot effectively. The weapon trees are relatively balanced and easy to grasp.

Rest often, but find a safe space to do it. Stoneshard is a turn-based strategy game. However, during the rest mode, the game will automatically skip turns and move time forward until you either die of hunger/thirst or some enemy walks into your vicinity. If you need to be AFK for any reason, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT IN REST MODE. You don’t want a stupid death while starving in a fetal position.

Rest often, but find a safe space to do it. As long as you are not in a town/village, you are always in a combat state in stone. Make sure you aren’t followed by anything and rest to recover from your injuries. In dungeons, this can be a room that you’ve already cleared. Lock the doors and hug your knees. Resting often will help save you supplies in the long run.

Save often. You can do this at the inn or in beds in bandit camps or POIs.

Prioritize your survival at all costs. This “tip” may appear redundant, but it cannot be overstated. You can regain the experience/gold that you have lost as long as you are alive and well. If you run out of medical supplies, it is generally wise to back off to town instead of exploring the dungeon. If you don’t think you can take on 3 or 4 dudes, then running might be the wiser option. One unlucky dice roll or an injury that goes untreated because you don’t have a splint for it can quickly ruin your day.

Always plan for a way out. Stoneshard is a turn-based game. This means you have time to look at the situation at hand and plan your moves. If you are out in the open and ambushed, look for the best direction to run and fight towards it. If you are in a dungeon, pull the fight near the dungeon entrance if possible.

The Zone Swap is your friend. This may sound like a mechanic’s abuse, but time will “stop” in the zones you’ve left behind. This means enemies in the zones you’ve left behind will stay in the same position regardless of what you do or how long you spend with them in the new zone. If you find yourself being chased by bandits or animals, consider swapping to a new zone to rest up + run or move to a new position to engage them. This will only work if you are at least 4 tiles away from your nearest aggressor. If they are within that range of you, then they will follow you to the next zone.

Points of interest are great to do, but not necessary. These question mark points on the maps often contain bandit camps or some other interesting stuff. These can provide you with experience and, if you’re lucky, some decent loot. I will talk more about them in the section below.

Don’t just click to move your character across the zones. Move a few tiles at a time. Take a look around you and listen to the audio cues. This is a mistake I often see players make. They will just walk across the zones without a care in the world and often walk into bears/wolves, etc. Walk slowly and pay attention to your surroundings. Aggressive animals have a range in which they won’t pursue you as long as you stay out of it. Wolves/boars are about 8 – 10 tiles. Bears are a bit shorter.

Always keep at least 1 splint and 1 or 2 bandages on you. That is all there is to it. Sometimes, injuries will be so severe that hugging your knees alone just won’t do. Sometimes the bleeding just won’t stop. Sometimes you will step into a trap.

Traps and drugs are great. With the introduction of the trapper and drugs into the game, you can now buy them for a decent price. The trapper will move between Mannshire and Osbrook every few days. He will always sit in front of the inn and sell traps/nets/caltrops/drugs etc. Personally, I would take 1 or 2 claw traps before venturing into any dungeon. They deal with massive damage and can cause injuries and immobilization. This can help you to either pump enemies full of arrows or run if you choose to. I will have a section below on how to use these.

Fleaworts and berries are plentiful. Use them. This one doesn’t have much to say.

All containers outside dungeons can be used to store stuff without the fear of losing items inside. This applies to barrels/chests/corpses and even graves. Don’t be afraid to store stuff in there. Just don’t forget about them, LOL.

Keep your morale and sanity high. High morale and sanity increase your chances of getting positive mental effects, like prudence or second wind. These effects, especially the latter, can save you from life or death situations. Check here to see what can increase your sanity. Morale, most of the time, can be increased by just sleeping or drinking ale/wine.

Treat your body parts. It’s always better to have your body’s condition at 100% before getting into any more fights. This means you will always be at the maximum HP possible at the start of a fight. You don’t want to be injured in the middle of a battle because one of your body parts is damaged but not to the point of injury. Healing salves and leeches are the best ways to accomplish this. They are sold by the herbalist who lives in a hut south of the Osbrook market or by the priest in the big church in Mannshire.

Have a crowbar with you. This can be used to unlock doors/chests with a 100% success rate. They can be repaired by a blacksmith for a cheap price and will be the best investment you will have throughout the whole game. They can be equipped with your 2nd loadout and used to smash things without having to worry about durability loss.

Don’t make too much noise unless you want to fight someone. That is all there is to it. The game has a noise system, so if you scream too much or fight a lot, it can pull enemies from the surrounding area.

Use trees/rocks and objects to your advantage. Due to the fact that in Stoneshard people can’t move diagonally around corners, you should use this to your advantage when being chased. Run into the woods, zig-zag around trees, rocks, etc. This can create distance between you and enemy AI giving you time to run.

Treat your pain. The pain you feel will increase the amount of damage you do. Ideally, if you can keep your pain under 10%, that is the best thing you can do. The first pain threshold starts at 25%, at which time you will do about 10% more damage. Just because you aren’t at this threshold yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your pain. If you’re in pain between 10% and 20%, you can easily cross the first threshold with just one or two bad hits. You wouldn’t want to waste a turn or two treating pain in the middle of a brawl. Alcohol or herbal extracts are the most commonly used effective pain relievers. For the pain of 50% or more, I would recommend just using an ether inhaler or a soporific sponge. The latter needs a safe space for you to sleep, but it works really well without much of a downside. The sponge/herbal extract can be bought from herbalists and the inhaler from the priest.

Keep the potions, but don’t drink them unless you have to. Sometimes you will find bottles on shelves with unknown effects. These are potions that can be harmful or awesome, depending on your luck. Identification scrolls, which can be purchased from herbalists or general merchants, can be used to identify them.

If you don’t want to fight in ambushes, stay off the roads. If you want to experience it, however, stay on the roads. When you walk on the roads, your chances of being ambushed by bandits increase. These ambushes will scale to your player’s level. They can be a good source of experience or a deathtrap if you don’t know what you are doing.

Don’t stick to common fantasy RPG tropes when gearing up. StonesHard armors and gear do not require any stats to equip. You can basically equip whatever you want for whatever character you want. Just because you are an archer does not preclude you from wearing heavy equipment. The difference between gears is just appearance and stat bonuses/penalties. Examine the gears and equip them according to your needs. Do be careful since heavy armors can have nasty energy penalties so level up your VIT or enchant them with energy accordingly.


And that's all for this Stoneshard guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Stoneshard? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by vhn25395. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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