Squad – Learn How to Fly a Helicopter

So I recently picked up the squad and I was always asking myself, how do I fly like those guys over there? Well, today I’m going to give you a few simple tips and tricks. So at the time of writing this guide, I have 235+ hours in the game, with ~ 60 of them being infantry work and 175+ being in the V2 Flight model.

Now of course it all depends on what map you are flying on, and even if the map has helicopters on it, as most maps will not have helicopters. Here is a list of all the maps that have helicopters on them:

  • Yehorivka
  • Gorodock
  • Belaya
  • Manic
  • Skorpo
  • Mutaha
  • Al Basrah
  • Tallil outskirts
  • Lashkar Valley
  • Goose Bay
  • Kamdesh Highlands
  • Kohat Toi

So once you’ve figured out whether or not the map you are playing on has a helicopter or not, you make a Helicopter squad. If you have a helicopter squad, you’ll hear people start asking for pickups, supply runs, or to be hot-dropped to the next point.

Now as I am writing this guide, I am under the assumption that many people can already fly, but may have difficulties landing. But just in case you do not even know how to get the Helicopter off the ground here is a brief rundown:

  1. The player will first have to turn on the engine by holding E till the rotor blades start spinning up.
  2. Once the helicopter is ready to take off, you’ll need to increase the collective to over 50%.
  3. Now that you are at least airborne, put the collective up to 75% – 100% and pitch the nose down no more than 15%.
  4. Fly to the destination.

Note: Do not go beyond 85% pitch or roll, as it will be unrecoverable.

So now that the flying part is out of the way, here’s how to land:

  1. If you are brand new to flying mark your target destination on the command map (Using Caps Lock).
  2. At 600 Meters output the pitch and roll off the helicopter at 0% & use the Collective as a height adjuster.
  3. When above the target destination decrease collective.
  4. Just before hitting the ground slowly raise collective to soften the landing.

Do not try to be cool and do something that you can not do, I.E a J-turn.

Take your time when landing back at base or areas that have no enemy contact, there is no rush and if you crash it will be embarrassing. If you start to take enemy contact, find a new LZ or supply drop point, most squads will understand that and do not want to either be in the helicopter when it gets shot down or watch it shot down

Also keep in mind that all three of the current helicopters, The UHM 60, the MI 8 Hi, and the SA330 all have similar flight models with minor adjustments. I personally do not have any issue with flying any helicopter, but I do prefer the UHM 60 over any other helicopter. I do understand that this is not a very in-depth guide or a guide that goes over the more advanced parts of the squad flight model, but in order to run, you first have to walk.


And that's all for this Squad guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Squad? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by ClappingYourCat. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.