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Sid Meier’s Civilization V – Enemy Blade No More Achievement Guide

Are you one of the players having a hard time obtaining the Enemy Blade No More achievement in Sid Meier’s Civilization V? If yes, then this guide will help you get this achievement in the game.

This achievement will require you to play as Indonesia and capture an enemy capital with a Kris Swordsman with the Enemy Blade promotion.

The Indonesian Kris Swordsman

The Kris Swordsman is an early follow-on to the warrior, replacing the standard Swordsman. The main trick with the Kris Swordsman is that he gets a potential ‘Mystic Blade’ random buff or nerf represented by a red question mark, ‘?’, which is selected and applied when he first sees combat. There are eight different ‘Mystic Blade’ promotions:

  • Restlessness – one extra movement, may use it as a second attack (very nice)
  • Invulnerability – bonus defending and healing
  • Ambition – bonus attacking, penalty defending
  • Recruitment – heals up to 50 points of damage that kill a barbarian unit
  • Sneak Attack – extra flanking bonus
  • Heroism – gives combat bonus to adjacent units as a general would
  • Enemy Blade – 20 damage per turn in enemy territory. This is the one you need!
  • Evil Spirits – penalties to attack and defend. Kill this guy off.

You will very likely need to make several Kris Swordsmen before you get your Enemy Blade. When you make them, find something for them to hit so that the Mystic Blade promotion occurs and you know which one each has. I found it useful to leave a barbarian nest so that additional barbarians would spawn to kill.

Iron Working Technology Needed

There are several things to take note of in pursuit of this achievement.

  • Only you, Indonesia, can make Kris Swordsmen, no one can gift them to you.
  • Iron Working is required.
  • Each Kris Swordsman you make requires an iron resource.
  • Iron Working reveals Iron on the map.
  • Beware, once you learn Steel, you can no longer make Kris Swordsmen.

So, among all of your other planning, plan to learn Iron Working early, then pursue settling near iron nodes.

If you are running out of iron, and haven’t produced an Enemy Blade, consider destroying some of the other Kris Swordsmen that you don’t really need to free up their iron.

The city or cities that make your Kris Swordsmen should have Barracks for the bonus upgrade.

Avoid learning Steel, at the very least until you have a Kris Swordsman with the Enemy Blade nerf.

You will not be able to apply an Armory to building Kris Swordsmen for the second bonus upgrade, because Kris Swordsman would then be replaced by Longswordsman.

Other Units and Capturing a City

The Kris Swordsman is a good unit for its era and is typically a bit better than a standard Swordsman, but it is not super strong. In order to get this achievement, you’ll want to have good ranged units, bows, and siege weapons. Horsemen can help quite a bit, but be careful, your Kris Enemy Blade has to land the capturing blow on the city. Ranged units can take the city down to zero for the Enemy Blade without screwing up the capture.

Your Kris Enemy Blade Swordsman also has to survive the attempt to capture in order to actually capture, so make sure to keep his health up until you need him, and don’t wait too long to attempt the capture, or he will be too weak for the era. I found that decoy targets were useful when I was getting close to completing this so that the city did not target the Enemy Blade.

Additional Tips

I recommend that when you are getting close to completing this, save your game so that you can reload if you screw up.

The Statue of Zeus is beneficial toward this achievement if you are able to build it. Not having it is not a show-stopper.


And that's all for this Sid Meier's Civilization V guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Sid Meier's Civilization V? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Scoobydeux. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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