Serious Sam 4 – Where to Find All Dossier (Locations)

Check out this Serious Sam 4 guide to learn where you can find all dossier in the game. Discover the number of dossiers per level and by type in Serious Sam 4.

In Serious Sam 4, there are two types of dossiers – the notes and audio logs. If you’re looking for all the dossiers in Serious Sam 4, make sure to check the exact dossiers location guide in Netricsa in Serious Sam 4 below.

All Dossier Types and Locations


  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – 3 notes
  • When in Rome – 1 note
  • A Breakfast in France – 2 notes
  • One for the Road – 3 notes
  • Anathema Unto God – 1 note
  • The Package – 1 note

Audio Logs

  • Death from Above – 1 audio log
  • Death from Below – 1 audio log
  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – 2 audio logs
  • Morituri Te Salutant – 1 audio log
  • When in Rome – 1 audio log
  • One for the Road – 1 audio log
  • Vive la Résistance – 1 audio log
  • In Carcassone – 1 audio log
  • Anathema Unto God – 2 audio logs
  • From Earth With Love – 1 audio log

A Breakfast in France and The Package also have 5 unregistered audio logs each. See their sections for details.

(While also a part of the Dossiers, Profiles will not be included in this guide as you will unlock all of them gradually by simply playing through the campaign, without extra actions required.)

Death from Above

Audio Log: “Introduction”

After killing several Werebulls in the Double-Barreled Shotgun arena, you’ll briefly enter a building. When you exit this building, look towards the concrete blocks directly left of the exit. The Audio Log is concealed behind a supply crate.

Death from Below

Audio Log: “Bubbles and Hellfire”

At some point in the level, you’ll climb a staircase full of Processed, and emerge on a vista overlooking Rome, which leads into rooftops. Once you do, look towards the right side of the vista, where the Audio Log is sitting on a lounge table.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Audio Log: “The Ball Game”

This one can be found in the same container containing (hah!) a keychain dangling from a cork keyboard inside, which is required to unlock the first locked door you come across in this level. The audio log is resting on the kitchen table inside.

Document: “Portunalia for Beginners”

Very hard to miss. After your first Kleer kill in this level, approach the locked door straight ahead, and you’ll be given a side objective. The document is on the crate pile left of this door.

Document: “Letter to Commander Passolini”

This one’s impossible to miss if you’re aiming to complete all side objectives. After Sam finally tells Rodriguez to STFU, you’ll see a villa to the left and a shipping container to the right. Find the document inside the container, bundled with a key to unlock a side objective.

Audio Log: “The Radio Blues”

Document: “Letter from Dr. Stein”

Both of these are found at the end of the side objective “Amateur Archeology”. You’ll see many items under a tent. The audio log is resting on a crate to the left, whilst the document is to the right, on a table.

Morituri Te Salutant

Audio Log: “Rodriguez Remembers”

Approaching the Colosseum’s entrance near the end of the level, you’ll come across a wide kiosk. Check the rear of this kiosk to find the Audio Log on a crate lined up against the kiosk, right next to a Health pickup.

When in Rome

Audio Log: “The Pursuit of Knowledge”

This Audio Log is easily missed. Once you go up the stairs from the riverbank, you’ll be given a sidequest. Instead of following it, go straight ahead towards the radio. To the right here is an alley that leads you into a side area. Take another turn right, and find the Audio Log inside a shipping container at the end of this path.

Document: “Letter to Gabriella”

Can be found in the middle of the “Gabriella’s Knight” sidequest. After going into the building and through a small outside corridor, you’ll find this document on a table inside a side room to the right. The side room entrance should be hard to miss.

A Breakfast in France

Near where the motorbike is parked, in a set of nearby ruins is an unregistered audio log that will direct you to to the “A Fun Guy” side mission. Scattered around the area of this sidemission are more unregistered audio logs, four in total. Most of these are on the main path or near other items, though there is one inside the shipping container at the gate leading into this side area.

Document: “The Fridge Controversy”

This document can be found at the very end of the area where the sidequest “A Fun Guy” takes place. It’s directly right of the sidequest’s main reward, placed on a block of concrete.

Document: “Letter to Clotilde”

Whilst you’re driving down the road towards Carcassone and banging to Wild Life, once you get attacked by a Werebull, shortly after you should spot a winding path on your right leading to a cottage. Park your motorbike and head inside the cottage to find a letter on a round table, directly visible from the entrance.

One for the Road

Document: “Letter to Edith”

After you’re kicked out of the Mech, approach the small settlement, then look right of the four silos where you should see a shack leading to a dirt road. Find the document inside this shack. This will also trigger the start of the “Armed, Farmed and Alarmed” side mission.

Document: “To Whom It May Concern”

Going along the long road on the “Armed, Farmed and Alarmed” side mission, you’ll come across a house guarded by an Octanian patrol. At the back of this house are various health and ammo items – find the document on a round table among these items.

Document: “The Fulbertian Revolution”

Near the barn entrance at the very end of the “Armed, Farmed and Alarmed” side mission, look for a closed off well near where the tractor is parked. You will find the document there, next to some Assault Rifle ammo.

Audio Log: “An Unexpected Guest”

Once you’ve met up with Kenny at the bridge, head into the town. At the junction that takes you right, check for the audio log buried among some rubble in the middle of the road.

Vive la Résistance

Audio Log: “Stream of Consciousness”

After you continue from the area that ended with a wave of Pyromaniacs galore, you’ll trigger dialogue about which Merlot Sam should have with his Achriman and spot the level’s S.A.M. In the far right corner is a shipping container. The audio log is inside, directly left of the entrance.

In Carcassone

Audio Log: “When We Play Music”

Early on in the level you’ll fight a flock of Harpies on an outlook, after which a Scrapjack breaks down the wooden door through which you’ll proceed. In the far-left corner of this arena is a dark alcove that seems like a dead end from a distance, but actually houses a staircase leading up.

Take the staircase, and when you emerge in the next room, look directly left to find the audio log on the corner of a table. (If you go right instead, you’ll find a secret cannon!)

Anathema Unto God

Audio Log: “Enjoy Every Sandwich”

After meeting with Rodriguez, follow the main path where you’ll enter what seems to be a cemetery. Going downstairs, this audio log was tossed on a pile of bags resting against a concrete slab.

Document: “Theo’s Note”

A required find if you want to complete all side missions. At the exit of the arena following the cemetery, where you kill a Khnum, look for a shack directly right of the archway, where the document and keys for the side mission can be found.

Audio Log: “To the Stars”

This can be found during the side mission “What the Hellfire”, before you’ve fought any enemies here. Check left as soon as you enter the town area, where the audio log is on a wooden crate in the far-left corner.

The Package

Scattered around this level are audio logs that do not get registered to Netricsa. There are five of them and they play a voice message directly from their location, without Sam picking them up. Most of these are on the main path inside the interior areas, but there’s also one at the cockpit of the crane opposite of the one required to finish the level.

Document: “So You Ought To Be A Hero”

Almost impossible to miss – this document is stuck to the side of the terminal when you find the side mission “Twisted Little Passages”, which is right on the main path during the level’s interior section.

From Earth With Love

Audio Log: “Lost Places, Lost Times”

At the very start of the level, look right from the starting point and you should already be able to see the blue outline of the audio log. Go up the stairs at the buildling where the broken-down snowmobile is pointing at and find the final audio log on a crate at the end of this walkway.

And that’s every dossier in Serious Sam 4. For this post, we would like to thank Mauritsio for the detailed dossier location guide.


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