Reign of War

Reign of War Beginner’s Guide, Tips, Strategies, and Cheats

Check out this guide to learn the basic tips and guides for the mobile game Reign of War. If you’re one of the new or even old players of Reign of War, you will surely find something valuable in this guide.

Reign of War is one of the rising mobile RPG city builder game developed by Elex, who is also known for their mobile game called Magic Rush: Heroes. In this guide, you will be able to find how the Reign of War mobile game works, how to develop your city and more.

The Beginning

Just like any other games, you will not be easily taking an easy road to build your city. At first, you have to start building your own units, creating your first building, and even summon the first hero that will be protecting your village. But before all of this, you have the ability to choose your own character that will be bringing hopes to the city.

Reign of War

Once you start your journey, you will be getting a plot of land that you can expand as soon as you have enough resources. Placing your first building and creating your first unit is your first task to make things successful.

Building Your City

Building your city is one of the most important things that you have to prioritize in the game. Without a good building and layout, you won’t be able to succeed when defending your city once there’s an enemy attack. Below are the initial buildings and upgrades that you will be getting in the game.

Town Hall

The brain of all buildings. This is where all upgrades will be coming from. Upgrading your Town Hall should be prioritized as this is where all the other upgrades for other buildings will come from. The higher the level of the Town Hall, the more building upgrades are available.

Shield Camp

This is where you can train your defensive units. Just as mentioned above, the availability of the upgrades depends on the level of the Town Hall. Some of the benefits of having an upgraded Shield camp is the increase in capacity and training speed.

Archer Camp

This is where you train your offensive units. These units will be dealing with the damage to all incoming enemies. If you want to win a raid or properly defend your city, you should prioritize upgrading this building.

Celestial Altar

This building is where all the support units come from. Just like the Archer and Shield Camp, upgrading this building will give more healing, shield, and more buffs to your other units.


The Portal is where our heroes and items came from. Upgrading the portal will lessen the summoning time of a hero and at the same time, increase the overall power and ability of the summoned hero. Heroes are the main damager in your city.

Offense and Defense

Engaging combat in Reign of War is one of the most interesting parts of the game. This is where you showcase the fruit of your hard work. Starting combat can be done it two different ways: getting attacked or you’re the starting an attack. Once you start a raid, you have the option to select which units, heroes, and items you’re planning use to fight for you.

Reign of War

Your main goal was to destroy and infiltrate the base of your opponent. Winning the raid is the best part of the war as you will be getting a lot of rewards. But if you lose, you will gain fewer rewards and also lose the troops that you have.

Forming an Alliance

In some mobile games, alliance are called clans. But in Reign of War, we call it an Alliance. Forming an alliance will allow you to play with other players by adding your city to the list of an Alliance Cluster. Below are some of the benefits that you will receive once you join an alliance:

Alliance Technology

The alliance techs are the perks and benefits that can be unlocked by all members of an alliance. You need to donate some of your resources in the alliance to increase the level of the guild. Once the resources that members have donated reached the requirements, the guild leader can unlock some of the best features in the game. One of these perks is the City Construction where it increases the construction speed of a building.

Alliance Support

This is one of the best benefits if you’re in an alliance. You can help members with their research upgrades for free. The same thing will also happen if you asked for help. Other members will also lend you a hand to make things easier.

Alliance at War

This will allow your alliance to have an all-out war against other alliance. If your alliance managed to win the war, you will be receiving lots of resources gathered from the enemy alliance. Participating in a war in the Reign of War requires the perk called War Council.

Alliance Shop

Remember the resources that you donated in Alliance Technology? It turns out that you will be receiving a reward in exchange for the resources that you gave. It is called Contribution Points. You can use it for buying boosts and exclusive items from the Alliance Shop.

Challenges and Missions

Reign of War has two different types of missions that players need to complete. Completing each mission will give players resources and even the premium in-game currency.

Reign of War

Daily Missions

This type of mission is being distributed everyday. The rewards for completing the daily mission is not that big, but will surely help you get the upgrades that you want. These missions are relatively easy and it can be done in just a few minutes.

Major Missions

These are the missions that will give you a huge reward. Reign of War has implemented this type of mission to help new and old users in the game. Some of the rewards that you can receive for completing a major mission are gems.

Resources and Currency

There are different types of resources in the game. These are food, wood, and gems. Food is used to upgrade and create combat units that you can summon from the Archer Camp, Shield Camp, and Celestial Altar. Wood is used to upgrade and create buildings such as the Town Hall. Gems are premium in-game currency in Reigh of War. These can be used to instantly skip the amount of time needed for an upgrade or creation.

Since gems are the premium currency, you have the option to get it from the shop for a few bucks. However, you can also get free Reigh of War gems for completing an upgrade, missions, and more.


And that's all for this Reign of War guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Reign of War? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by Brian Haynes. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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