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Pokemon GO – How to Get a Shiny Tepig

With the release of the Unova Celebration Event in Pokemon GO, developer Niantic has released a lot of new Pokemon in the game. One of the additions is Tepig, and if you’re wondering if you can catch its shiny form, below is the answer that you are looking for.

Is Shiny Tepig Available in Pokemon GO

You may be wondering if this fire-type Pokemon, Tepig, has a shiny form in Pokemon GO. To make things shorter, yes, Niantic has officially added the shiny form of Tepig in the game. Tepig is one of the Pokemon from Unova Region that has debuted in this event.

Players who are planning to catch Tepig should start exploring the wild, especially on sunny and clear weather conditions, as this is when the spawn rate of Tepig increases. Pokemon GO players can also hatch Tepig from a 2 km egg and at the same time, it can also be encountered in raids and research encounters.

Pokemon GO Shiny Tepig

How to Catch Shiny Tepig in Pokemon GO

To catch a Shiny Tepig, trainers should participate in the Unova Celebration Event. During this event, players have a higher chance of getting the shiny form of this Pokemon. As for the question, if it will still be available after the event, we still don’t have the accurate answer.

But looking at the previous events in Pokemon GO that features a shiny Pokemon, they still appear in the game after the event ends. Most likely, Shiny Tepig will still be available after the Unova Celebration Event.


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