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Pokemon GO – Where Are These Unreleased Generation I to IV Pokemon?

Niantic has already started rolling out new Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Specifically, Pokemon GO trainers are now starting to see Generation VI Pokemon. Despite the fact that there are already hundreds of Pokemon that players can find in the wild, many are still asking why some of the Pokemon from the Kanto region up to Sinnoh region are still missing? In this article, we will be taking a look for the possibilities why Niantic is having a hard time releasing these Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO

Which Pokemon Are Still Missing?


This Pokemon is one of the missing Pokemon from the Hoenn Region. Last year, Niantic has accidentally released this Pokemon in the wild and players have gone crazy. However, the game developer has retrieved this Pokemon after the incident. Since this accidental appearance of Kecleon in the wild, this Pokemon has disappeared once again. Kecleon is one of the most unique Pokemon in the game. It has almost characteristic like Smeargle, who just photobombs in one of the events in Pokemon GO.


Shaymin is a Generation 4 Pokemon and it was rumored to be one of the features in the Pokemon GO Fest 2020. Reports suggest that Shaymin will be available in the Special Research, but it turns out that the encounter was Victini. As of writing, Shaymin’s release is still unknown.

Phione and Manaphy

Another Generation 4 Mythical Pokemon that are yet to come in Pokemon GO. Unlike the release of the other Mythical Pokemon, there’s a chance that Niantic is still thinking or planning on how they are planning to release this Pokemon in the game. As we all know, you can only get Phione from a Manaphy’s egg. So, chances are trainers will be getting a Special Manaphy Research for this encounter.


The almighty Arceus is still missing in Pokemon GO. Arceus is considered as the god of the Pokemon universe and it is said that this is the most powerful Pokemon. Most likely, Pokemon GO is planning to release Arceus in the game via EX Raid, just like what happened to Deoxys and other Mythical Pokemon.


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