Press Any Button Achievement Guide

Press Any Button

Check out this guide to learn how to obtain all achievements in Press Any Button game. Press Any Button is a free-to-play video game developed and published by Eugene Zubko. For players who are want to get all achievements in Press Any Button, below are the step-by-step guide on how to get all achievements.

Press Any Button

Press Any Button Achievement Guide

Thank You for Playing With Me – Complete my game

  • Unmissable achievement. Finish the game to obtain this achievement.

You’ve Been Challenged Enough – Go through all challenges, having 2 lives only

  • Confirm that you need more than 2 hearts when A-Eye asked you about the hearts click on the red side. You will only get this achievement after completing the game with those two hearts only.

It’s Quite an Achievement! – Find something I had no intention to hide

  • Once A-Eye talks about easter eggs and columns, answer 2 times in a row with green.

You Know Your Sport – Juggle a ball 20 times in a row

  • Put a block below and above the ball to make it bounce between the two blocks. The achievement will be unlocked after 20 bounces.

What are You Trying to Achieve? – Make me dizzy

  • To make A-Eye dizzy, you need to spam-clicking F4 after he asked you to change the game from windowed to fullscreen mode. Achievement will be unlocked once A-Eye feels dizzy.


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