MOTHERGUNSHIP Save Game File With $5,000,000 Gold

Enjoy MGS but wish to skip the grind? Here’s a save file that will allow you to do just that!

General Overview

This save file has been created with the following features:

  1. All Experience Levels Unlocked, allowing you to use all available ability points to customize your suit.
  2. $5,000,000 gold. Great for buying that needed item in the smuggler’s shop.
  3. A good amount of connectors.
  4. A good amount of Gold Tier Weapons.
  5. An available inventory of over 12,000 slots for parts.
  6. Starts you off at Level 5, past the tutorial.

This save will allow you to enjoy MotherGunShip without the need or worry of grinding. Lose some parts on a mission? It’s ok, you have plenty of items in your inventory and enough gold available to pick up a quick weapon at the smuggler before trying again.

Download Custom Save

Download the custom save file from here.

Save Game Installation

The MotherGunShip save file location is in the AppData directory under your user profile, and isn’t in the usual location of MyDocuments like many other games.

To browse to your AppData directory, open up File Explorer and type in the menu bar:


In the save directory, back up your current save file, named ‘PlayerProfile.sav’ to something such as ‘PlayerProfile.bak’ and copy the downloaded save file to the directory. The new save file should be named ‘PlayerProfile.sav’ already, but if not, be sure to rename the save to match this.

Startup the game and you’ll be greeted with your new experience and loot, ready to take on the MotherGunShip!


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