Lunch Lady

Lunch Lady – Basic and Strategy Guide

Guide Content, has 3 difficulties for now, and the guide for those difficulties; hiding spot advice or how to hide.

The Basics of Lunch Lady

OBJECTIVE: Collect all 10 pages.


  • Collect keys
  • Collect Med-Kits
  • Unwind the Valves (Only in HARD & INSANE)


  • Shift to sprint
  • F to (cry) flashlight, ON/OFF
  • E to interact and collect items
  • SPACE to jump, which is useless but effective when going downstairs (?)


  • After some time, she will scream and go to your location when she screamed, basically, if she screamed when you are in the Bathroom, but you ran all your might to the second floor, she will still go to that Bathroom you were before unless she saw you on the way. (She will scream if she has not seen you in a while or after taking a page.) She sometimes stops and randomly chooses her location to go, for example, you saw her going upstairs, but you saw her stopped, there is a chance she will go up or go back vice versa.


  • If you are playing HARD or INSANE mode, this concept will appear. Yellow pipes you see around every map will pop out hot steam, you can also hear if the steam is about to come out. Be careful, because that steam will one-shot you and you will be downed. This can be prevented if you see the valves from small rooms, but they are randomly spawned in all small rooms on the map.


  • There are a variety of keys in this game and each map is randomly placed, some have common names some are totally different. You can see these keys from tables, and bathroom sinks only, I have not seen keys on the floor, toilet, and chairs yet.


  • These pages are also randomly placed, you may see these physics cheat sheets from tables, toilets, chairs, and on the floor, showers too if there is in the map. Once you take one of these pages, Lunch Lady may scream.

Strategy and Tactics


  • She will scream but not the loud one that can be heard throughout the whole map, either she is chasing someone or YOU. Be careful because she can start chasing you even though she’s upstairs.


  • I think I said this before, but when Lunch Lady is chasing you, maneuver through rooms while closing the door behind you, to slow down Lunch Lady by a millisecond, not quite helpful, but why not?


  • Remember the small rooms I talked about? Not all of them are the best hiding spots, but they are the default or safest place to hide, specifically beside the door of that room. Not all are effective since opening the door does not go in but goes out.


  • In any room, always go to the corner and sometimes she will go to you but you won’t get bonked, sometimes okay?! And like I said before, besides the door, as if you’re concealing your body by blocking the sight of Lunch Lady when you beside it.


  • This is everyone’s problem, right? When the loud heartbeat sound or whatever you want to call it. Focus on the footsteps, don’t move, just hear her wacky boots, best when using headphones or earphones. Also, you may bump yourself (like pushing the door but do not open it) into the closed door and you will see the outside and try to find her or where she is going. Sometimes you hear the heartbeat and the footsteps, and you looked outside and she is not there, it means she is either above or below you.


  • It may not work in future updates, but you can revive a teammate without using your MED-KIT, simply by holding right-click to a downed person and wait for the bar to reach close to the end and let it go, it does not work sometimes but worth to try. Cannot happen when reviving yourself. Also doing this tactic, the revive a player achievement won’t go up, it won’t be easy you know.


  • If you are hiding and Lunch Lady screamed loudly, she will either come for you in your exact location or your helpless stranger/friend. Well, sometimes when you are hiding beside the door when she opens it, she will leave immediately after entering that small room, or whatever your location is.


  • Familiarizing yourself with every map will greatly help you navigate the keys and pages, and hiding spots. Do not try to memorize, since it will hold you back from playing.


And that's all for this Lunch Lady guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Lunch Lady? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by EternalOdri. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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