Hotline Miami – How to Unlock Hidden Achievements

Check out this Hotline Miami guide to learn how you can unlock and obtain the hidden achievements in the game. Discover the step-by-step guide on how to get these achievements in Hotline Miami.

In Hotline Miami, players will be able to collect a total of 35 achievements. Out these 35 achievements, there are 7 hidden achievements that players need to unlock. Please refer to the guide below.

Hotline Miami

How to Get Hidden Achievements in Hotline Miami

  • To unlock this achievement, the player must complete Chapter 2, Overdose, while wearing Nigel, the bat mask.

Cat Fight

  • To unlock this achievement, the player needs to defeat the two panthers in the Final Chapter while wearing Brandon, the panther mask.

Eye For Details

  • To unlock this achievement the player must find all 16 puzzle pieces in the game.

Sewer Alligator

  • To unlock this achievement you have to find the Jones Mask at the end of Chapter 5, Full House. First, kill everyone in the building so that the “Go to car” message appears. Instead of going to the car, pick up the crowbar lying near the entryway and run around to the back of the building. There will be a manhole which can be opened with the crowbar (simply walk towards it while holding the crowbar). Inside, the mask will be lying next to a mortally wounded man. Pick it up and finish the level, then revisit the sewer again in another playthrough while wearing any Mask and go to the car to get the achievement.

Smell Something Burning

  • This is a secret achievement which is unlocked by going to the second floor of the building in Chapter 6, Clean Hit, the player can see a thug sitting on a toilet. On the same floor, a fire axe can be found hidden in a container on the wall inside the main hallway. In order for this achievement to be unlocked, the player must kill the guard that is sitting on the toilet with that fire axe. You will get the achievement once you enter the car.

The Boss

  • To unlock this achievement the player must solve the puzzle. Because to solve the puzzle you need all the pieces, the achievement Eye For Details is needed to unlock this.

This Is It

  • To unlock this achievement the player must first have completed the puzzle. Once the puzzle is completed, Biker can interact with the computer on the ground floor of Chapter 19, Resolution. After learning what the computer has to tell you, continue on with the epilogue as normal and complete the game. The achievement should be unlocked.

And that’s everything about the hidden achievements in Hotline Miami. Special thanks to M4jorKnight for revealing this achievement guide.


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