Hollow Knight – How to Beat Enraged Guardian Guide

Check out this Hollow Knight guide to learn how to beat the Enraged Guardian in Crystal Peak. Take note of our tips and guides for Hollow Knight’s Enraged Guardian fight.

As we all know, Enraged Guardian is one deadly enemy that you will be facing in Hollow Knights. If you’re one of the players who is struggling to beat this boss, make sure to check the following tips below.

Hallow Knight

How to Beat Enraged Guardian in Hollow Knight


When Stepping into the arena, Enraged guardian does his screaming effects before the battle starts, The battle is the same thing as the crystal guardian, but much faster. Also, Enraged guardian does 2 masks of damage based upon the second battle. For Recommendations, use health charms for more health as well as lifeblood masks.


Enraged Guardian has 2 main attacks, 1 is the laser beam, and the other is the random laser beam. the Straight laser beam is when the enraged guardian points his laser at you, and fires a yellow laser instead of a pink one.

The Random laser attack is when Enraged Guardian rages back and Fourth causing random lasers to appear from the ceiling. And finally, The jump action. The Moment when enraged guardian jumps, He can launch himself in the air across the arena, or just randomly jump at a time.


Great job! If you Defeated the Enraged Guardian or Read steps 1 and 2 then Congrats! Enraged Guardian will drop 550 Geo depending upon if you did it first try or not. There will also be a mask shard to maximize your Health for other boss battles.

Additional Information

Enraged guardian has about 450 Health and can be easily defeated. But, He does 2 masks of damage to you for the second part of the boss battle. He also has other content as well below, If defeated, the second part of the battle will be another part if you flick the level in god home.

And that’s everything about how to beat Enraged Guardian. For this guide, we would like to thank Mason Hall for the tips.


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