RuneScape – How to Level Up Combat Skills Guide

Check out this RuneScape guide to learn how to level up your combat skills in the game. Follow the tips that will be mentioned to increase combat skills while earning money at the same time.

If you’re a new RuneScape player or just having a hard time leveling your combat skills, we’re glad that you found us. In this post, you will be able to get the tips that will help you achieve your goals in RuneScape.


Level Up Combat Skills Guide

Level 0-10

Go to the southern part of Lumbridge and you will find Level 4 cows. Kill them and collect all the cowhides. There is a bank chest nearby to the north when you cross a narrow bridge.

Level 11-20

Equip an iron scimitar and off-hand iron scimitar in both hands, along with a full iron armour set from either the Grand Exchange at Varrock (or you can craft it if you have enough high level in smithing at the Lumbridge Smithy). Then teleport to Falador and start killing the level18 guardsmen. Intermittently they drop grapes, collect them and once your inventory is full teleport to the Burthrop one and you will find a bank chest right in front of the tp.

Level 21-40

Equip Steel scimitar and Off-hand scimitar as well as Steel armour set and go to Hobgoblin Peninsula to the west of Falador. Just behind the coast, you will find a cabbage field. Fill your inventory with cabbage and then start to eat and kill as your health decreases. Hobgoblins drop lots of Limpwurt roots, be sure to collect them and deposit to a chest just inside the cabbage field. Lots of money there too!

Pro tip: When you level up till 30, preferably change all your steel weapon and armour set for Mithril ones.

Level 41-60

Replace your Mithril weapon and armour set for Adamant ones and go to Varrock Grand Exchange. To the south-west of the Grand Exchange you will find a house; to enter it buy a bronze key from Grand Exchange and keep it in your inventory. Climb down the ladder and start to kill the Hill giants.

Pro tip: Fill your inventory with Lobsters from the grand Exchange to keep up your health, and collect all the Limpwurt roots!

Level 61-70

You have two options here. If you want the best exp per hour, head down to the Varrock Sewers and kill the Moss Giants. They don’t drop too much, but they are weak to slash. Alternately you could go to the fourth level of the Stronghold of Security and kill Ankous. They give decent exp per hour, as well as many expensive drops such as yew logs, mithril ore, and battle staves.

Level 71-99

You again have two options. You could kill deadly red spiders in Edgeville dungeon. They have the highest exp rate in the game for free to play players, however, have absolutely no drops as well as being poisoning. You could also go to the Forinthry dungeon or Wilderness crater and kill hellhounds. They give similar exp per hour, however, can drop bones and charms more frequently.

Combat Tips

  1. Go to settings and select combat XP > grind attack XP, then defence XP and lastly combat XP for every 10 level-ups. That will allow you to wield higher level weapons and armour and deal more damage per hour thus helping you to level up faster.
  2. Add whichever skills you like to the rotating wheel and set it to automatic revolution. The more skills you use, the faster you will level up.

And that’s everything about how to level up combat skills in RuneScape. We would like to thank Rumela Biswas for this awesome RuneScape guide.


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