Going Medieval

Going Medieval – How to Deal with Trebuchets Guide

This guide aims to offer simple solutions to one of the biggest threats of this game. Learn how to exploit the AI and fend of the invaders.

How the AI Prioritizes Targets

In going medieval raiders aim to negatively impact your settlement. To do that, they try to reach your production stations or other construction elements.

Raiders on foot will target a production station such as a campfire or a structure such as temple. Pathing then creates a way for the raider to get to that target. In an occasion where the path to the station or structure is blocked, AI tries to destroy that obstacle. These obstacles come in the forms of doorways, walls and heights.

As of now, AI doesn’t have a reliable way to ascend heights unless there is a platform or a stairway attached to it. AI will target doorways over walls while attacking you.

In case of a usual raider attack, AI will target a doorway which allows access into your base. However, in a trebuchet attack; AI may target a random part of your wall in order to break into your base. And this is a problem.

And below are the 3 methods for fixing them. Hope they will be helpful.

Method 1

Having a clear pathway into our base when the trebuchets arrive.

In this example raiders see that they can straight up run to our base and pillage it. So they just ditch the trebuchets and start running to the opening on the walls.

When that happens, prioritize one of your colonists to construct a wall in that opening before raiders get to there. Having the materials already placed in can be helpful. This way the colonist will just have to do the building.

Method 2

Having a production station outside of your main walls.

In this strategy, you put a production station as a decoy to deceive the AI. Upon arriving, AI sees the structure undefended by walls or other means of obstacles. So they immediately start charging (given their attack has started). You can use a campfire as your decoy station. Constructing this decoy outside of your main gate will be highly effective.

Method 3

Digging a trench around your base.

As I previously stated, AI currently doesn’t have the means to ascend terrain. So digging a trench around your base and leaving a single unit of passage will be optimal.

You can mine out the passage once raiders arrive. In this strategy, even though trebuchets may destroy your walls or your doors; AI has no way of getting inside your base.

So you will be perfectly safe as long as you avoid the trebuchet shots.

Never Get Raided Again

AI spawns around the edges of the map and after a while they attack you. They attack you unless they are stuck.

In this case, game decided to spawn one of the raiders in a hole and he has no way of getting out. Although rest of the raiders have been killed and the raid is technically over. Since the last raider can not get out of that hole, he can not leave the map.

Which causes a constant state of “raid” in the alerts tab. Music keeps on playing non-stop.

Still experimenting on this topic, haven’t been raided in over a in game year after that. Although I can not guarantee if there will be another raid eventhough the last raider clearly can not leave the map.

It’s pretty funny to witness such a strange occurrences.


And that's all for this Going Medieval guide. Do you have any suggestions or tips to improve this guide for Going Medieval? If yes, then make sure to leave a comment down below. This guide has been made possible by General Kenobi. You can check him out by simply clicking his name.

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