Garden Paws

Garden Paws – How to Get Dragon Eggs

This guide is about how to get Dragon Eggs. If you still don’t have any idea how to get Dragon Eggs in Garden Paws, this one is for you.


  1. You will have to be in year 4 or past that. Dragon Eggs can only be found on the Kozita island, which is only available in year 4. And you will have to complete a questline to get to Kozita.
  2. You will have to clear the thorns on Kozita. Try to complete the questline with Captain Conrad, and then help the Druid to clear the thorns.
  3. You will need to complete a third questline, this time with the miners on Rock Island. After that there will be a quest called “Meet Mina” and you will have to talk to Mina to complete it. Then you will have to complete another quest from Mina.

Finding Dragon Nests

There are Dragon Nests scattered all over Kozita. Sometimes, there will be a Dragon Egg in a nest. The Dragon Egg inside will be a Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter egg depending on the season. There is a small chance you will find a Dark Dragon Egg in a nest. This can happen in any season.

Getting them from Mina

Mina will sometimes trade a Dragon Egg for 10 Dragon Statues. Just trade in the statues for the egg if this happens.


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