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Fallout 4 – All Vault Locations Guide

This guide will be teaching you where you can find the vaults in the Fallout 4 video game. There are 5 vaults that you can search in Fallout 4. Check out the complete details below.

Vault 111

Vault 111 is the first vault where the game’s protagonist begins his journey. The sole survivor is sent to this crypt and put into a state of cryogenic sleep for 200 years. It is located in the hills northwest of Sanctuary Hills, near the city of Concord, Massachusetts.

Notable items:

  • Zone # 04 Cryolator: Located inside a wall container in the Overseer’s office, protected by a tough lock.
  • Zone # 01 Wedding ring: Available by interacting with the body of your deceased spouse.
  • Zone # 05 Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV: Found from a skeleton of a Vault-tec scientist near the Vault door.
  • Zone # 03 RobCo Fun magazine: contains the holodisk of the Red Threat minigame, which can be found near the terminal of the recreation area.
  • Zone # 05 New Vault 111 Suit: Found in the entrance area near the skeletons.

Vault 114

Vault 114 is located near the coast. You can visit it along with the main story. The Unlikely Valentino mission will take you there, in search of a private investigator who could help you. The vault is used by the Italian mafia.

Vault 75

Vault 75 is located below Malden Middle School, north of the Bunker Hill monument. When you enter the ruins, look for a cell with bars. Going through it will lead you to the basement door, which is where the vault is located. Lots of high-level raiders in there, so be careful.

Vault 81

Vault 81 is the only one still functional, for example, used by real Vault dwellers. They distrust strangers and live peaceful and coherent life. Apart from the disease that will begin to afflict them at some point. It is located a little west by Diamond City.

Vault 95

Vault 95 is located in the far southwest of the world map, almost on the edge of the Incandescent Sea, and is inhabited by raiders who have somehow gained control of the vault’s defense system: the turrets and robots are now working to theirs.


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