Desolatium: Prologue

Desolatium: Prologue Achievement Guide

100% achievement guide for Desolatium: Prologue, a point and click video game developed and published by SUPERLUMEN.

Desolatium: Prologue Achievement Guide

Story Achievements

These are the achievements that will be unlocked as long as you complete the game.

  • A narrow escape! – You were almost caught by a Ghoul.
  • The last talk – You talked to a mysterious old lady.
  • The silver keyYou have used the silver key.
  • HandymanYou have managed to combine two objects.
  • Star Voyager – You have reached R’lyeh and met Cthulhu.

Missable Achievements

These are the achievements that can be missed even if you complete the game. Here’s how you can obtain all of the remaining achievements.

Arkham librarian – You have found all the texts from the game.

  • In a single playthrough, find and read all seven notes.

Innsmouth citizen – Now you know a bit more about Innsmouth.

  • Pick up the coin next to the ladder on the ground and give it to the woman in the house.

Gravedigger – You have discovered all the secrets from the graveyard.

  • In a single playthrough, examine all 14 interactable graves in the graveyard.

Until the end – You have seen all the credits. Thank you!

  • Watch the credits scene. Don’t press the skip button.

Doublesolatium – You have finished the game twice.

  • Play the game twice in a row (in one session).


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